NXP FTF 2016: The why and how of intelligent sensors at the edge

Sensors are complex, really complex, which is partially why so few companies develop them. This complexity may also contribute to the lack of attention sensors themselves get in the IoT conversation, which is ironic considering how fundamental they are to the whole concept of the Internet of Things.

For the past few years, however, Ian Chen, formerly of Freescale’s Sensor Business Unit and now the Director of System Architecture for Software and Algorithm Development at NXP, has been working to make sensors more accessible to the industry at large. The result of this work, apart from helping pioneer the MEMS Industry Group’s (MIG’s) Accelerated Innovation Community (AIC), is an Intelligent Sensing Framework that the company developed for its Freedom boards and hopes to extend over time to other hardware platforms with more and more software functionality. Among the software improvements will be support for a flexible operating system framework (RTOS or bare metal); further alignment with the Kinetis SDK2.0; more, open APIs, and usage examples that facilitate customization.

The Intelligent Sensor SDK (IS-SDK), which is discussed in the ensuing podcast interview with Ian Chen, is expected to be released in the middle of this year. Our conversation at NXP FTF also touched on the need for intelligent sensor data analytics, and how algorithms can be used to compensate for sensor drift in long-term IoT deployments, which is difficult, but more doable than you might think.


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