NXP FTF 2016: Integration and algorithms are putting the "smart" into smart home

Integration, or the need for it, is a term that is currently as applicable to NXP as it is to the smart home market: In the smart home, the fragmented connectivity landscape, among other things, is preventing the market from really taking off; After merging with Freescale last year to form one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world, NXP is going through an integration of its own.

To serve both that market and continue remaking itself, NXP has adopted a solutions-oriented approach that, while somewhat generic, basically translates into the ability to source dozens of technologies from across the company’s now-enormous portfolio to serve its customers. In the smart home, this manifests itself in the integration of, for example, LPC MCUs, algorithms from the NXP Software, and connectivity in a sound detection application.

The ability to incorporate all of these different technologies into a single, working platform is what differentiates “solutions” from “reference designs” for Ian Morris an Applications Engineer in the Smart Home division at NXP. While discussing this method of product delivery, he explains in detail how the various arms of NXP can be sourced to develop advanced embedded solution that considerably speed time to market for developers and take IoT from abstract to actionable.

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