Intel reorganizes to fortify IoT and Autonomous Driving Groups

Two of the topics that come up in just about every meeting I hold, either with design engineers or suppliers, are and technologies. Apparently, it’s not just me. is either sitting in on my meetings or they’re having the same thoughts (I assume it’s the latter). To that end, the company just made some significant moves to fortify themselves in those spaces.

Doug Davis, who had been leading the company’s IoT group, is now moving over to take leadership of the company’s efforts. He’s joined by Kathy Winter. To bolster these efforts, Intel actually created a new group, called the Automated Driving Group (ADG). Its charter covers advanced driver assist systems and autonomous driving solutions.

Taking over Doug’s IoT position will be Tom Lantzsch, formerly the Executive Vice President of Strategy at ARM (yup, that’s right; from ARM to Intel). His new title is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s IoT Group.

According to Tom, “I joined Intel because the company is uniquely positioned to solve complex customer challenges and unlock the potential of IoT with technology leadership, strong global relationships and the financial strength to create scalable industry platforms.”

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