Embedded Insiders Podcast – AWS Greengrass: Are OT Device Management Pastures Getting Greener?

As IT and OT players stake out their claims in the of Things (IIoT) landscape, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and partner Ayla Networks are deploying a technology called AWS Greengrass that brings a subset of cloud security, management, and provisioning technology to the gateway level. The goal, of course, is to provide more intelligence closer to the edge of IIoT networks, but the announcement raises two significant questions: 1) Why would Amazon, a company with revenues derived mostly from cloud-based transactions, want to potentially cut off a portion of their business? 2) Do operational technologists have something to fear as IT behemoths push further down the technology stack?

In this week’s Embedded Insider’s podcast, Rich Nass, EVP of and Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor for Embedded Computing Design, pose these questions to Bill Podrasky, VP of Business Development at . See if the grass is getting greener for IoT by listening below.