Spectre and Meltdown: A new breed of vulnerability

Curt Schwaderer

The Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities have caused a big wave in the electronics industry as of late. What’s interesting about this vulnerability is that it takes advantage of microprocessor behavior –... Continued...

The New In-Vehicle UI

Sponsored by: National Instruments
Date: February 22, 2018 2pm EST

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DICE offers enhanced security and unique device identification

Dennis Mattoon, Microsoft Research

With the prevalence of connected devices, especially in Internet of Things (IoT) applications, embedded systems designers increasingly must contend with the types of trust and security issues that computing systems ... Continued...

UL accepts HARTING Technology Group into Client Test Data Program

Jamie Leland

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has granted HARTING Technology Group approval and license for its Client Test Data Program. The Client Test Data program allows HARTING to test products in its own in-house test la... Continued...

Embedded Insiders Podcast – CES 2018: Coughs, Cortanas, and Cars That Aren't Connected

Rich Nass, Brand Director, and Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor

Last week the Embedded Insiders faced the grind of CES 2018, but came away with a bunch of interesting topics to kick off 2018. Most notably, the Insiders encountered some problems with current use of the term, &quo... Continued...

Mind the gap: Going from reference board prototype to production system

Eric Welsh and Gene Frantz, Octavo Systems

Once you have your idea for an amazing, innovative product, building a quick prototype is not the challenge. The challenge is creating a high yield, high quality, and highly valued design. The market is filled with... Continued...

Key indicators and inflection points for embedded engineers and IT

Curt Schwaderer

The Gartner Group’s now-famous “Hype Cycle” research methodology and resulting graph sets an important foundation for understanding historical events and emerging trends in the technology market sp... Continued...

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