PowerVR CLDNN API enables developers to create CNNs on GPUs 

Jamie Leland

Imagination Technologies has announced its first PowerVR CLDNN SDK for developing neural network applications on PowerVR GPUs. The neural network SDK enables developers to create Convolutional Neural ... Continued...

Latest Trends in Embedded Tools, Frameworks, and Systems for Effective Development

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Reinvent system integration without looking like an amateur

Anupam Bakshi, Agnisys

The very first step in reinventing a system integration is to enhance and effectively utilize the benefits of automating business processes using electronic design automation/computer-aided engineering. System integ... Continued...

Meeting customer demands for OS-less design in a telemetry module

Charles Sweeney, Orange Tree Technologies

Lumistar, a designer and manufacturer of telemetry products for the flight test and antenna tracking markets, recently developed a telemetry processing engine (the LS-28-DRSM) designed for flight test applications t... Continued...

Extra hardware needed to get started with the Raspberry Pi Zero

Jeremy Cook, Engineering Consultant

As noted in this post, the Raspberry Pi Zero is available for only $5, while its Wi-Fi-enabled cousin, the Pi Zero W, is only $10. I finally got my hands on one, and this article will discuss my initial experiences ... Continued...

Pentek Announces Kintex UltraScale FMC Carrier for 3U VPX

ECD Staff

Pentek JadeFX FMC Carrier for 3U VPX Pentek introduced the JadeFX Model 5983, a 3U VPX carrier board for FMC and FMC+ modules based on the high performance Xilinx Kintex UltraScale FPGA. ... Continued...

PCI-SYSTEMS releases 1000-W cPCI forced air cooled power supply

ECD Staff

Visio of the function of the smart cPCI power supply 1000W forced air cooled cPCI power supply PCI-Systems, a supplier of conduction cooled systems,  announced a... Continued...

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