Bluetooth turns 20, and what a ride it’s been

Jim Katsandres, Bluetooth SIG

As Bluetooth celebrates its 20th anniversary, 2018 is already a standout year for the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) and its members. When the SIG was founded in 1998, it was made up of a handful of companie... Continued...

Effective Requirements Definition and Management for the IoT Enterprise

Sponsored by: IBM

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DSP Concepts and Amlogic create soft-DSP Amazon-qualified dev kit for Alexa Voice Service

Rich Nass

I’ve known about DSP Concepts for a while, but I didn’t really get to understand the company’s technology until a meeting at CES. There, I saw an eye-opening demo. Well, maybe ear-opening, as DSP C... Continued...

How AI, machine learning, and the IoT are revolutionizing the medical industry

Arvind Ananthan, MathWorks

As each day passes, trends like artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT) creep a little more into our daily lives. While the public at large may not be fully ... Continued...

Choosing the most suitable MEMS accelerometer for your application, part 2

Chris Murphy, Analog Devices

Choosing the most suitable accelerometer for your application can be difficult, as data sheets from various manufacturers can differ significantly, leading to confusion as to what are the most critical specification... Continued...

PICMG geared up to help accelerate adoption of IIoT

Doug Sandy, PICMG

More than a decade has passed since the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) was introduced, but the vision has yet to fully materialize. While some important progress has been made with small wear... Continued...

Renesas expands RX130 MCU lineup for touch-based appliances and industrial automation applications

ECD Staff

Renesas Electronics  announced 38 new microcontrollers in its RX130 Group. The MCUs extend flash memory size to 256 KB, 384 KB and 512 KB, and increase package size up to 100-pins to provide higher performance ... Continued...

Cypress enables certified Bluetooth mesh products

ECD Staff

  Cypress Semiconductor announced that its single-chip solutions for the IoT deliver Bluetooth mesh connectivity certified by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) to a cons... Continued...

Microchip’s digital serial number tracking

Microchip Technology, Inc.

Imagine free, extra bits buried in your EEPROM that hold a tracking number that can identify every system you ever ship. We did. All of our Serial Number (“CS” series) EEPROMs come with either 64 or 128... Continued...

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