2018 embedded processor report: Rise of the neural network accelerator

Brandon Lewis

AI and machine learning (ML) applications represent the next big market opportunity for embedded processors. However, conventional processing solutions were not designed to compute the neural network workloads that ... Continued...

The New In-Vehicle UI

Sponsored by: National Instruments
Date: February 22, 2018 2pm EST

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Troubleshooting RS485 networks

Kevin Kilford, Datasound Laboratories Ltd

In many situations, system assemblers are finding that RS485 networks are unreliable or simply do not work. In a world of plug and play serial digital interfaces the integral sophistication of these long standing di... Continued...

Tiny Bluetooth speakers pack lots of features

Rich Nass

If you’re a believer in the “out of box experience,” you’ll get a kick out of the packaging for the X2 Wireless Surround Speakers from Kempler and Strauss. The setup these speakers up could n... Continued...

When AI and IoT collide

Aaron Allsbrook, ClearBlade

IoT and AI are both technologies trending rapidly in the industry today. Both represent huge transitions into capabilities that only a few years ago existed as science-fiction. While both stand alone, their value is... Continued...

Identify the differences between safety and security, guard against interactions

Andrew Longhurst, Wittenstein

Securely connecting safety devices to the Internet is a key requirement in just about every industry, especially so in the medical and automotive sectors. Safety and security share many properties; however, these si... Continued...

Automotive Ethernet: A crossroads for the connected car

Brandon Lewis

The term “connected car” loosely describes any vehicle with Internet access. It implies an external network connection, and possibly the provisioning of a wireless hotspot that other nearby devices can j... Continued...

Rapid response to security attacks is crucial

Microchip Technology, Inc.

Microchip is aggressively protecting its clients from the recently discovered vulnerabilities of Wi-Fi® Protected Access II (WPA2). Nearly all Wi-Fi devices in the world use WPA2 security in which a security vul... Continued...

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