OpenStack promoting NFV at the network & IoT edge

Curt Schwaderer

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) has long been deployed within enterprise IT data centers to increase scalability and provide simplified monitoring and administration of these systems. Companies like VMWare ha... Continued...

The Rise of the Robot Overlords: Clarifying the Industrial IoT

Sponsored by: RTI
Date: March 21, 2018 2pm EDT

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Microchip’s black box memory solution

Microchip Technology, Inc.

EERAM is a nonvolatile SRAM with a shadow EEPROM backup. The data is backed up on to the EEPROM automatically on power down in the presence of a small external capacitor. This device combi... Continued...

Qualcomm advancing LTE modem technology in preparation for 5G

Curt Schwaderer

Qualcomm recently announced the X24 LTE modem, which boosts throughput to 2 Gbps while lowering power requirements based on 7 nm technology. These advancements help the movement toward 5G with increased performance ... Continued...

Wibu-systems enriches the Intel Sgx ecosystem with a new security solution

ECD Staff

Wibu-Systems CodeMeter is SGX enabled on all current Windows platforms.   Wibu-Systems, the global leader in software protection, license lifecycle management, an... Continued...

Vicor's Power-on-Package solution provides up to 1,000A peak current

ECD Staff

Vicor's Power-on-Package solution Vicor today announced a new Power-on-Package (“PoP”) ChiP-set including Modular Current Multipliers (“MCMs”) for high perform... Continued...

Easily add touch functionality with best-in-class software libraries

Microchip Technology, Inc.

Access several decades of touch expertise with Microchip’s best-in-class touch libraries for PIC, AVR, and SAM microcontrollers. We now deliver our extensive touch experience to you even faster with MPLAB... Continued...

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