Five Minutes With…Michael Randt, Founder/CEO, Trinamic

Embedded Computing Design

The space where the electronics meets the mechanics ends up being a place of disconnect. Who owns that domain, the mechanical engineer or the electrical engineer? Good question, and that’s where I started the ... Continued...

Microchip Technology DM164144 Curiosity Nano

Features full program and debug capabilities, and provides access to the Intelligent analog and Core Independent Peripherals on the PIC16F18446.

Sponsored by: Mouser Electronics

Renesas Electronics Displays 10A and 15A Fully Encapsulated PMBus Power Modules at APEC

Laura Dolan

TOKYO. Renesas Electronics Corporation released a pair of new encapsulated hybrid digital DC/DC PMBus power modules, the 10-amp ISL8280M and 15-amp ISL8282M and is currently demonstrating them at the Appli... Continued...

Insider: Embedded Software - Squeezing the Most Out of Low Power Modes

Nicholas Cravotta

Low power operation continues to be a key driver for applications in every industry. With the addition of Sleep mode, power management suddenly shifted from solely a hardware concern to something software developers... Continued...

Demystifying AI and Machine Learning for Digital Health Applications

Arvind Ananthan, MathWorks

The first wave of FDA-approved wearable digital health monitors integrated with consumer products such as smart watches are just becoming available. Medical sensor technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, al... Continued...

Mocana Partners with STMicroelectronics to Announce Support for STSAFE-TPM

Katelyn Albani

SAN FRANCISCO, CA. Mocana Corporation just announced a new collaboration with STMicroelectronics to provide strong security and support for smart chips. Mocana TrustPoint supports Trusted Platform Module 1.2 and 2.... Continued...

Microchip Technology DM320115 ATmega4809 Curiosity Nano Evaluation Kit

Provides access to the features of the ATmega4809 MCU and also explains the procedure to integrate the device into a custom design.

Sponsored by: Mouser Electronics

Fujitsu Launches a Series of Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy Wireless Modules

Katelyn Albani

San Jose, CA. Fujitsu Components America recently released the FWM7BLZ20B series of Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy wireless modules to meet the high communication speed requirements of IoT devices and applications.&n... Continued...

Taking Back Control of Our Personal Data

Todd Mozer, Sensory

As more and more devices that are designed to watch and listen to us flood the market, there is rising concern about how the personal data that are collected gets used. Facebook has admitted to monetizing our person... Continued...

Sponsored White Paper by: Intel

How Machine Vision Puts The Focus On Quality Control

Process automation is enabling a level of accuracy and productivity that goes beyond human ability. And one critical area in the factory where automation is making a big difference is quality assurance.

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Clarinox Technologies and Express Logic Join Forces to Produce X-Ware IoT Platform

Katelyn Albani

Nürnberg, DE. Clarinox Technologies collaborated with Express Logic to produce X-Ware IoT Platform. The X-Ware IoT platform is suitable for IoT sensor networks, devices, edge routers and gateways. It is the in... Continued...

Toshiba starts sample shipments of automotive DC motor driver IC

Katelyn Albani

Düsseldorf, DE. Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has started sample shipments of an automotive DC motor driver IC with a LIN slave function that can communicate with a LIN 2.0 master IC for in-vehicle networks. ... Continued...

Get started with industrial Ethernet

Sponsored by: Texas Instruments

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Why Fanless IoT Computing Solutions Are Driving Smarter IoT Applications


The exponential growth of the Internet of Things drives IT managers to seek robust and reliable Edge Computing solutions. These solutions must run applications efficiently in challenging environments where lack of m... Continued...

Automotive Sensors Sharpen Up for Safer Driving


THE DRIVING FORCES BEHIND NEW SENSORS Safety is a major driver for the development of new types of sensors. To reduce accidents on the roads, vehicles are taking on responsibility not only to manage their own safet... Continued...

The Future of Music Is for Everyone—Even the Deaf


For Mick Ebeling, CEO of Not Impossible Labs, the fact that the deaf can’t experience music in the same way as the hearing seemed absurd. While "hearing" music does involve the different parts of t... Continued...

Breathe Easier: Using Core Independent Peripherals to Design a Cost-Effective Drug Delivery Device

Microchip Technology, Inc.

Medical nebulizers are drug delivery devices that break up medications into small aerosol droplets and deliver them directly to the airways for respiratory therapy. These medical devices are commonly used for the tr... Continued...

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