Go wireless with Bluetooth control

Jeremy Cook, Engineering Consultant

If you’ve been experimenting with development boards like the Arduino Uno , turning on a light automatically can be useful, and there is a wide variety of other things you can do with these versatile devices. On the other hand, controlling them wirelessly may seem like a challenge. After all, you have to figure out how to connect via WiFi, Bluetooth, or any other number of seemingly complicated control schemes. [An HC-06 module connected to a development board] The good news is that wireless…Continued...

High Precision and Accurate Sensing at Any Flow Rate
Sponsored by: Texas Instruments
June 27, 2pm ET

Rambus 56G SerDes PHY to be developed on Samsung 10nm LPP process technology

Jamie Leland, Content Assistant

Rambus Inc. has announced that it is partnering with Samsung Electronics for its recently launched 56G SerDes PHY to be developed on Samsung’s 10nm Low-Power Plus (LPP) process technology. The 56G SerDes PHY delivers enterprise-class performance across the challenging signaling environments typical of high-speed communication systems and provides PAM-4 and NRZ signaling with a scalable analog-to-digital converter (ADC)-based architecture. The new, flexible architecture addresses the long-reach backplane requirements for the industry transition to 400 GB Ethernet applications. “There is a demand for increased bandwidth…Continued...

RTOS source code, anyone?

Colin Walls Mentor Graphics Embedded Systems Division

When did you last purchase a software product in the form of source code? I am guessing that the answer may be either never or a long time ago. Of course, open source products are available in source code, but the average user never sets eyes on it. With software intellectual property (IP) – libraries, networking protocol stacks, real time operating systems (RTOSs) – the availability of source code is very common. The question is whether you really need it. Would not the binary…Continued...

Five Minutes With…Josh Ferguson, Founder, Glow Labs

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

Glow Labs is an engineering services company that works with vendors in the IoT space, particularly in the connected home, retail, wearables, etc. Excuse me, but isn’t this space already crowded enough? They key for me, when I chatted with Josh Ferguson, the Founder of Glow Labs, in this week’s Five Minutes with…discussion was, how do vendors differentiate their products? They can very easily all seem to be the same. Interestingly, Josh had a viable answer.Continued...

Machine learning as a service market shifts towards cloud computing

Monalee Das, Transparency Market Research

The global market for machine learning as a service (MLaaS) has gained a significant impetus over the last few years thanks to the increasing penetration of internet across the world, according to a recent report . The massive amount of data being generated due to the increased usage of internet, shifting preference of organizations towards cloud computing platforms, surging adoption of advance technologies, and the burgeoning demand for machine learning among a number of industries, such as healthcare and life sciences, BFSI, and retail,…Continued...

How to make IoT profitable and secure: Building blocks inside of sandboxes

Fred Rivard, MicroEJ

From a business perspective, much of Internet of Things (IoT) development isn’t new. Wireless and even mobile Internet connections are mature technologies, and embedded processors go back further still. For industrial markets, the “Industrial IoT” has replaced “SCADA” (supervisory control and data acquisition) as the control system architecture using computers, networked data communications, and process supervisory management to control peripheral devices (the ‘things’ of IoT) in large plants. So what’s new?

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