Putting the "automation" in home automation with Arduino

Eli Mordechai

Whether my kids or myself are to blame, it drives me crazy to see large electricity bills from cooling and heating the house when nobody’s actually in the house. Looking for a solution to the problem and driven by “stream” technology, I decided to build my own smart home IoT system to collect and monitor [...] Continued...

Hands-on cloud connectivity, debug, monitoring, and management

Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor

Before diving into a hands-on workshop, Christian Legare of embedded software vendor Micrium took some time to explain a few rules of thumb for IoT device development. Do the components you have selected yield the desired features? How does the sum of those components figure into your overall bill of materials costs? Do you have [...] Continued...

Settling on standards to threat model IoT systems

Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor

One of the foremost security experts in our field, Blackberry’s Chief Security Officer David Kleidermacher began his presentation at the IoT Evolution Developers Conference by pointing out that while there are a number of general guidelines, no real standards exist for IoT security. It’s easy to say that “device hardening” or “secure communications” are prerequisites [...] Continued...

Using a trusted platform module and trusted brokered IO as the foundation of IoT security

Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor

If you remember the 90s you probably remember the spread of unwanted software and the subsequent proliferation of antivirus/security products from Norton, McAfee, and others. Today’s IoT is similar to those early days of the PC in that security is still playing catch up, but what’s different, according to Stefan Thom of the Trusted Computing [...] Continued...

How IoT is transforming the automotive software development lifecycle

Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor

As you may know, QNX has been producing safety-critical software for real-time systems since the late 70s, and at the IoT Evolution Developers Conference, Andrew Poliak of the RTOS powerhouse explained how that legacy is translating into the connected car. Though fully autonomous vehicles are still at least 10 years out according to Poliak, the [...] Continued...

Leveraging IoT security to improve ROI

Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor

In a standing-room only session at IoT Evolution Developers conference, Alan Grau of Icon Labs noted that security now isn’t only a requirement for most applications, but it’s becoming a competitive advantage. With the rash of exploited vulnerabilities in the cyber world in recent years, consumers are being driven towards considering security is now factoring [...] Continued...

Seeing through the fog (computing)

Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor

For most, the vision of fog computing is, well, a bit foggy. At IoT Evolution Developers Conference in Las Vegas, Biren Gandhi, Principal Strategist at Cisco, helped attendees see through the first atmospheric anomaly to touch the tech industry since the cloud. Beginning with a survey that shows the pervasion of IoT technology today, Gandhi [...] Continued...

A survey of open networking standards, part 4: OpenFlow

Alex Henthorn-Iwane, QualiSystems

The first three parts of our series on open source networking standards have covered OpenDaylight, Open vSwitch and OpenStack, all of which are broad software projects intended to change how vendors and telecom and enterprise customers approach the network. These three initiatives address software-defined networking (SDN) controllers (OpenDaylight), virtual switching (Open vSwitch), and cloud orchestration (OpenStack). In this post, we’ll look at [...] Continued...

Five Minutes With… Phil Gerskovich, Sr. VP, New Growth Businesses, Zebra Technologies

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

First, why would someone name a company after a striped animal? Actually, the company’s history dictated that, as Phil Gerskovich, Sr. VP at Zebra Technologies explained to me. When I asked how the company got involved in the Internet of Things, Phil explained the desire to provide a “digital voice” to current devices. That’s a [...] Continued...

Understand the future of wearable devices

Mark de Clercq, Dialog Semiconductor

According to analyst IHS, by 2019, the wearables market is estimated to reach more than230 million units, comprised of various devices promising always-on health monitoring, leisure connectivity, environment automation, and a broad range of security functions. These features will place a huge demand on hardware and software design, including increased battery life, smaller size, ease [...] Continued...

Yup, these folks are all engineers

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

Slide show — Every once in a while you come across lists like this one, dubbed as a “did you know?” For my list, I compiled a group of famous people that have engineering degrees. I know there are many others, but these people either surprised me or are people that I feel somewhat of [...] Continued...

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