When will the IoT reach critical mass?

Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor

Overly optimistic market predictions have led to high expectations for the Internet of Things (IoT), but those forecasts are becoming more modest as adoption of the IoT proves to be slower than projected. Dr. Shipeng Li, CTO of IngDan, weighs in on the next steps in overcoming issues with usability and usefulness and spurring adoption [...] Continued...

BeagleBoard.org® Introduces BeagleBone™ Black Wireless
which includes the new 0ctavo BeagleBoard Compatible™ SIP (system-in-package). BeagleBone™ Black Wireless is an easy to use and modify credit-card sized IoT Linux computer.

Renesas releases IoT Sandbox for connected device and analytics prototyping

Jamie Leland, Content Assistant

SANTA CLARA, CA. Renesas Electronics has introduced the Renesas IoT Sandbox, a cloud-based development environment that enables engineers working with the Renesas Synergy Platform, the Renesas RL78 Family and RX Family of microcontrollers (MCUs), and the Renesas RZ Family of microprocessors (MPUs) to prototype Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and gather data intelligence. The Renesas [...] Continued...

Five Minutes With…Dan Glotter, CEO, Optimal+

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

One of the great things about the Internet of Things (IoT) is the amount of data that you can compile with your application. One of the difficulties associated with the IoT is the amount of data that you can compile with your application. I say that because just having the data doesn’t do you any [...] Continued...

Neural network standards launched by Khronos Group to accelerate cross-platform deep learning

Brandon Lewis, Technology Editor

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The Khronos Group has announced two standard initiatives that will address the development of neural network technology, the Neural Network Exchange Format (NNEF) and the convolutional neural network (CNN) topology extension to the OpenVX working group. The creation of these working groups is intended to accelerate the expansion of cross-platform deep [...] Continued...

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