Over-the-air automotive updates save millions in recall costs

Shrinath Acharya, Excelfore

Today’s cars incorporate dozens, if not hundreds, of software-driven sensors and controllers. This number has grown rapidly, due to the fast development of infotainment, automated driver assistance, and autono... Continued...

Centimeter-level positioning will drive the next generation of location-based apps

Dermot O’Shea, Taoglas

Location-based technologies have made great strides, and in many cases, location of objects can now be pinpointed within a few feet. That’s fine for locating lost car keys, and mobile marketing and basic navig... Continued...

Conference highlights industrial productivity

Maria Wilde, Kontron

There seems to be no stopping the advancements that can be achieved in industrial automation. Smart, connected factories continue to make vast improvements to productivity from the ability to share data and monitor ... Continued...

Where the software meets the road: Certifying the safety of self-driving cars

S. Tucker Taft AdaCore

The automotive industry is facing one of its biggest challenges in decades, namely developing wholly or partially self-driving vehicles that are safe for the mass market. This represents perhaps the most complex saf... Continued...

Raspberry Pi on PC/104

Adam Parker

The Pi/104 was originally designed when I was working as an IIoT developer. I worked for a startup and a common sales pitch was "our stack can run on something as small as a Raspberry Pi." No one took us u... Continued...

IoT Development Kit Guide

Help for embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) design engineers to efficiently identify evaluation kits for system prototyping.

Five Minutes with…Enrique Herrera, Marketing Principal, OSIsoft

Embedded Computing Design

Industrial IoT has a huge upside from a manufacturing perspective. In other words, there’s a lot of money to be made here. That’s the lead in to this week’s Five Minutes with…discussion, whe... Continued...

OS81119, The World’s First Dual-Port INIC

Microchip Technology, Inc.

Simplify your system design by using the OS81119, the latest addition to Microchip’s portfolio of MOST150 Intelligent Network Interface Controllers (INICs). The OS81119 is the world’s first dual-port INI... Continued...

Four Ways Predictive Maintenance Streamlines Manufacturing

By: Intel, IBM, ADLINK, and PrismTech

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Connect to the IoT through NB-IoT

Rich Nass

When it comes to connecting your IoT device to the network, there are a few options. And the folks behind those options are fairly adamant that their solution is best. Like just about every question, the real answer... Continued...

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