Bridge joins interconnect protocols

As embedded designers start each new project, they face the potential challenge of matching the latest high-performance computing devices with legacy peripherals. Targeting these challenges, Integrated Device Technology (IDT) recently announced a protocol-conversion bridge allowing designers to connect the latest x86 processor technology with existing backplane interconnect technologies.

The IDT Tsi721 is a PCI Express-to-RapidIO bridge that allows existing systems in the wireless, defense, imaging, and industrial markets to maintain their high-performance, low-latency, and highflexibility characteristics with Intel’s latest PCI Express-based architecture. Conversely, the enterprise cloud computing and server markets that already use PCI Express-enabled processors can now take advantage of RapidIO as a backplane interconnect. The IDT Tsi721 offers eight direct memory access and four messaging engines, each capable of transferring data and operating at line speeds of 16 Gbps. This simplifies system-level software development by enabling the allocation of multiple engines per core in a multicore, multithreaded system. The IDT Tsi721 is available in a 13 mm x 13 mm FCBGA package and is priced at $49 each in volume. IDT offers Tsi721 software support for Linux and Windows.