Compact lightweight audio/video processing engine

Sensoray’s 2960 “Dragon” audio/video processing engine serves as a highly adaptable, foundational building block that Sensoray can quickly customize to customers’ unique requirements. The board comes in at 4.8 cm x 2.5 cm (1.9″ x 1″) and a weight of 6.2 g (.22 oz). The “Dragon” is capable of performing H.264 compression on captured 1920 x 1200 video at 30 frames per second, or JPEG snapshots at up to 4096 x 3104. The board includes a controller and stream router, SD card interface, six GPIOs, USB, Ethernet, serial, and I2C interface. For device mode operation, the board can be completely powered from the USB. Controller functions include IP stream server, file server, HTTP server, and camera control server.