Converter simplifies USB addition to existing designs

Microchip Technology announced the MCP2210 protocol converter for adding USB Certified connectivity to Serial Pe-ripheral Interface (SPI)-based systems. The converter utilizes the USB human interface design class, which is supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems and is 100 per-cent plug-and-play, making it easy to add USB to existing designs for data collection, transfer and analysis, and many other USB functions. Microchip provides free downloads of supporting software drivers, dynamic link libraries, and a PC configuration tool in addition to an evaluation board, helping designers without USB expertise to add USB connectivity.

The MCP2210 has nine general-purpose I/O that can be con-figured via a PC as standard digital I/O pins or in alternate configurations, providing additional system I/O to simplify designs and support a range of applications. The MCP2210 is available in a 20-pin small shrink outline package for $1.40 each and a 20-pin 5 mm x 5 mm quad-flat no-leads package for $1.52 each, in 5,000-unit quantities. Microchip Technology also offers the MCP2210 Evaluation Kit for $29.99.