Fanless thin client for industrial applications

The ML210G-10-TR from Logic Supply combines a custom-engineered, hardened fanless enclosure with a industrially focused I/O to create a unique thin client hardware solution. Certified by leading thin client management software provider ACP to be ThinManager-Ready, the system comes pre-installed with ACP-enabled BIOS to provide an economical and reliable virtualization solution. The thin client supports system shadowing, MultiSession, dual display, and integration with Cirtrix and VMware, and has been designed to reduce downtime and simplify installation and maintenance. Featuring an Intel J1900 Celeron processor, the system uses less than 20 watts total while still providing power needed for advanced industrial applications. The ML210G-10-TR is designed to thrive in harsh environments. The fanless and ventless enclosure prevents damage from dust and other airborne contaminants while advanced fanless cooling enables the system to reliably operate in temperatures ranging from 0 °C to 50 °C.