Linux platform integrates high-end graphics

As embedded devices in multiple industries become universally connected and grow in complexity, users expect a sophisticated, interactive interface with high-end, real-time graphics capabilities. To meet these demands, Wind River released an update to its commercial embedded Linux runtime and development platform. Wind River Linux 4, Update Pack 2 is the first commercial embedded Linux platform to provide a fully integrated graphics software stack, from the board to the user interface framework level, for the latest Intel and Texas Instruments processors. The pre-integrated graphics stack works out of the box using the latest hardware and graphics drivers, including Intel Embedded Media and Graphics Driver on the Intel Atom processor and with OpenGL and PowerVR drivers on Texas Instruments’ TI Sitara ARM and OMAP35x processors. This stack bundles the latest versions of popular graphics applications and is optimized for embedded development. In addition, Linux Standard Base (LSB) certification assures compatibility with all LSB-compliant third-party applications.