Lower-noise op amps boost signal accuracy

Embedded applications in the consumer, industrial, and medical markets such as sensor, signal conditioning, and instrumentation that require low noise, low-voltage operation, high precision, and low drift can benefit from the performance and features of the new MCP6V2X family of operational amplifiers (op amps) from Microchip Technology. The new devices feature a self-correcting auto-zero architecture that enables high precision, including an input offset voltage of 2 microvolts and a gain bandwidth product of 2 MHz. With low noise of 50 nV/root Hz, the MCP6V2X family is a lower-noise alternative to Microchip’s existing family of auto-zero op amps. In addition, the 1.8 V to 5.5 V operating voltage with rail-to-rail I/O provides a greater dynamic range, which leads to better performance across the entire operating voltage range. The devices are available in an 8-pin Mini Small Outline Plastic (MSOP) package and are priced under $2 in 10K quantities.