MATLAB adds automatic code generation

When embedded designers encounter high-level technical computing applications that require algorithm development or data analysis, they often turn to MATLAB from MathWorks to perform matrix-based engineering calculations without actually writing a program. However, for integration into the final product, these MATLAB algorithms must be manually converted into C code. To simplify this manual coding process, MathWorks recently announced the MATLAB Coder, which allows designers to automatically generate portable C and C++ code directly from their MATLAB algorithms. The code generator supports many MATLAB language features for algorithm development, including built-in matrix math operators, dynamic array handling, plus algorithms for digital signal processing and communications. The release incorporates MathWork’s Real-Time Workshop technology and offers code generation support for rapid prototyping, real-time testing, and production embedded system implementation. MATLAB Coder is available immediately, and U.S. list prices start at $6,500.