Serial devices enable next-generation connectivity

The next generation of computing architecture destined for embedded designs includes high-speed serial protocols such as USB 3.0 at 5.0 Gbps, DisplayPort 1.2 at 5.4 Gbps, and PCI Express 3.0 at 8.0 Gbps. These new protocols will bring significant performance improvements such as 3840 x 2160 graphics resolution, connectivity speeds over 10x faster than current USB 2.0, and almost double the bandwidth of key chipset I/O.

To maintain the signal integrity of these high-speed serial signals across an embedded system and external cables, Pericom Semiconductor recently introduced four new USB 3.0 ReDriver signal integrity products (PI3EQX774XXX), a new DisplayPort 1.2 ReDriver (P2PPI3EQXDP), and two PCI Express 3.0 signal switches (PI3PCIE341X). OEM pricing for these switching, timing, and signal conditioning devices start at less than $2, and production quantities are available now.