Signal processors target high-performance, portable applications

With the performance and portability requirements of critical applications in markets such as industrial automation, embedded vision, video surveillance, and medical imaging on the rise, embedded designers are looking for low-power, cost-optimized components. With these applications in mind, Texas Instruments (TI) unveiled three new devices based on its KeyStone multicore architecture utilizing the TMS320C66x DSP.

The C665x processors consist of three pin-compatible versions for developers migrating from single core to multicore. The C6657 features two 1.25 GHz DSP cores, delivering up to 80 GMACs and 40 GFLOPs, while the C6655 and C6654 single-core processors deliver up to 40 GMACs and 20 GFLOPS and 27.2 GMACs and 13.6 GFLOPS, respectively. Under normal operating conditions, the C6657, C6655, and C6654 power numbers are at 3.5 W, 2.5 W and 2 W, respectively. The C665x DSPs also feature large on-chip memory coupled with an external memory controller for low-latency applications. TI offers a series of evaluation modules with development tools and support to simplify the transition to the new DSPs.