3U OpenVPX Backplanes – start with the innovation leader

Elma Electronic

Elma Electronic is the leader in /65 VPX and OpenVPX products. Our experts developed the industry’s first VPX backplane and we continue to be the innovation leader as signal speeds increase and system applications evolve. That’s why our competitors as well as our customers rely on Elma for their VPX backplane requirements. VPX presents design challenges with higher layer-count backplanes, and more demanding power and cooling requirements. We tackle these problems with signal integrity analysis, thermal simulation and functional testing. We offer the largest variety of 3U OpenVPX profiles with currently 23 products to choose from in slot counts ranging from 2 up to12. Configurations are available with standard copper connectivity and .4 optical connectivity. In the world of VPX system design, the backplane is the backbone of the system and provides the basis for successful system level operation. Check out our 3U OpenVPX Interactive Chart for a quick view of each topology we currently offer.


  • Fiber optics connectivity supporting VITA 66.4
  • Signal speeds up to 12Gbps in copper
  • Up to 12 supported bi-directional 25 Gbps optical lanes.


  • Work with Elma – the innovation leader in backplane design
  • Integration team support for chassis level solutions including board power supplies, board payload and system level testing.
  • VITA committee leadership ensures access to the latest profiles

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