Configurable Mission Systems – ComSys-50xx

Elma Electronic

ComSys is a high performance and highly configurable mission compute platform ideal for rugged applications in demanding defense, industrial and homeland security environments. Our initial configuration, the 5001, includes the latest in COMe based Intel processing power and graphics support plus Cisco certified secure, mobile routing capabilities complete with the full suite of mobile routing protocols essential for network attached equipment on the move. In addition, the 5001 provides dual band Wifi connections for maximum performance in networks. CANbus enables intra-vehicular communication between essential electronic assets on board. Our system integration engineers will work with you to configure a ComSys I/O recipe to suit your particular application. Configuration options may include additional GigE or 10GigE  ports, USB, vision ports for high speed , ARINC-429 and MIL-STD-1553 support as well as GPS support and more. Packaged in a small, sealed and light weight chassis, the ComSys platform is ready to drive your program forward. Work with our team to identify the system elements your program needs.


ComSys Benefits

  • Modular construction allows economical reconfiguration
  • Adapt to mission evolution with leading edge compute modules
  • I/O recipe changes are efficient and cost effective

5001 Features

  • Choose from the latest generation Intel CPUs
  • CANbus for intra-vehicular systems communication
  • Dual band for maximum tranceive ranges
  • Dual miniPCIe site and one XMC / site
  • Configurable to over 64GB SSD storage
  • Passive conduction cooled and fanless thermal design
  • Uses standard Type 6 COMe modules

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