Backplanes for 3U and 6U bus cards development with Full Access Open Frame


AZ-COM has introduced a revolutionary new development system for the bus card industry.Backplanes with Full Access Open Frame* give easy access to developed bus cards for signal probing and monitoring.

Frames can be placed on any of four sides, giving unobstructed access to either or both side of the developed card. Dual slot Alternating Backplanes* have two bus cards placed on opposite sides, allowing full access to both sides of both cards. Off-the-shelf versions include single-slot, dual-slot power only, and dual-slot alternating with selected fabric configurations.
Each backplane has an ATX connector and power switch. For 6U buses with heavy current consumption, LUG posts are installed.

RESET and current monitoring for individual slots aid in development of the cards.

Available options include Rear I/O connectors for , , and cPCI-S.0 backplanes. VPX backplanes are available with MULTIGIG RT 2-R Ruggedized Connectors, hypertronics connectors, and VIPER connectors. cPCI backplanes are available with hypertronics connectors. Custom configurations can be easily implemented using VPX and cPCI cables. cPCI-Serial configurations can be implemented by means of economical custom backplates available from AZ-COM. Addition of separating plates and custom air guides allows precise measurement of air flow required for adequate cooling of your device. Versions with conduction-cooled mounting are available.

Open Frames are a great for Development Engineers, Test Engineers, and Educational Institutions.
Limited time introductory prices start below $500.00 for single-slot cPCI backplanes with Frames.

* – Patent applied for.

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