Industrial PC for Data Acquisition and HMI Interface

Elma Electronic

Elma’s DatSys-3301 is an industrial PC intended for use as a system over a wide range of industrial applications. Elma recently reached an agreement to supply systems for use in wind turbines to be deployed in the US. The 3301 is used to monitor and report data from sensors associated with generating and distributing energy from the turbines. Voltages, currents, temperature, vibration operational information and other data will be collected from sensing devices mounted inside the turbine housing. Supporting an HMI (human-machine interface) the 3301 will provide real time data for use in decision making to ensure optimal system efficiency. Designed for use in extreme temperatures, the 3301 is a PCI/104 based system with an 800MHz, low power single board computer. This rugged SBC is rated at -40C to +85C operating temperature and supports an ultra low power Vortex86DX2 processor. Rated at 7W TDP the Vortex86DX2 is ideally suited for demanding applications in high temperatures.


  • Extended operating temperature
  • I/O interfaces: 1x Fast Ethernet port and 1x gigabit Ethernet port
  • 2x USB 2.0 ports, dual RS232/485 ports
  • Keyboard, mouse and VGA ports
  • Sturdy, light weight chassis
  • Windows® and ® operating system supported
  • Optional Intel® Atom® and Core® I CPU on request


  • High CFM active cooling fan
  • Retractable feet for table mount with DIN rail mount option
  • Low power design enables operational efficiency with low heat dissipation
  • 16GB mSATA SSD, 1GB soldered DDR2
  • Elma custom packaging and I/O panel designs available

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