InterShell IP – Maximum protection for your electronics with IP65 enclosure


INTERMAS develops, manufactures and markets components and modules for the "packaging" of electronics: cabinets, housings, subracks, cassettes and an extensive range of accessories. A wide range of innovative and trend-setting products have their roots in INTERMAS – standard as well as customized solutions for Transportation, Automation, Industrial Electronics, Defense, Medical equipment, Broadcasting, Energy and other. We offer 30 years’ experience and more than 10,000 parts used in the fields of PCI, VME/VME 64x, , IEEE and communication-applications with state-of-the-art EMI and RFI-shielded protection.

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InterShell IP Housing Features:

  • InterShell IP is a new aluminum housing enclosure with ingress protection up to IP65
  • Small case series for euroboard formats and customer-specific electronics applications.
  • Robustness and tightness serves as a perfect solution for portable outdoor applications.
  • Well suited as tabletop housing for measuring- and testing devices or other applications.
  • Designed with specific conductible silicone sealings ensures an optimal EMV-protection.
  • Color options are unlimited and customer-specific print is possible.
  • Multiple accessories like handles, wall-or bottom-fastening angles, and stands with or without tip-up hinged feet are available.
  • InterShell IP is available in two standard dimensions (h/w/d) as well as customized formats:
    • 81.8 H x 145 W x D [mm]
    • 145 H x 229.2 W x D [mm] (3U, 42HP)
    • Nominal depths (D) of 150, 200, and 250 mm

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