Trenton Cryptographic Systems Feature Latest IBM Hardware Security Module

Trenton Systems

Four new Trenton Cryptographic Systems (TCS) are now available in 2U and 4U rugged computer versions featuring the IBM® 4767-002 PCIe Cryptographic Coprocessor Hardware Security Module (HSM). These new systems are designed and built in the U.S., and have been approved by IBM for use in TCS secure computer hardware platforms. The Trenton Cryptographic Systems enables the protection of privacy and confidentiality of data in a wide variety of business, government and military computing applications.

Trenton Cryptographic Systems deliver the long-term computer configuration stability and performance demanded in secure computing applications. We have two different 2U (TCS2503 and TCS2504) and 4U (TCS4503 and TCS4504) models available for deployment in either server room or robust field locations.

Here's a short list of features for the Trenton Cryptographic Systems:

  • Dual or Single-Processor System Host Board (SHB) Options
  • Choice of long-life Intel® Xeon® or Intel® Core™ Processors
  • Robust 19" 2U or 4U Rackmount Chassis Configurations
  • Advanced PCI Express 3.0 Backplanes
  • Programmable Tamper–Responding Secure Hardware Security Module
  • IBM® 4767-002 HSM designed to meetFIPS 140-2 Level 4 certification
  • TCS Configurations Fully Tested with the RHEL 7.2 O/S(additional O/S testing available)
  • TCS Made In America, 5-year Factory Warranty, and 7+ Years of SHB Availability

Trenton Systems
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