Embedded Computing Design E-letter - August 2014

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Connecting Silicon, Software, and Strategies for Intelligent Systems
E-letter August 2014
Multicore FFT performance on Intel Sandy Bridge processors
By Mercury Systems
Examine the scalability of computational performance with the Intel Sandy Bridge multicore architecture.
What's next for mobile? Heterogeneous processing evolves
By Peter McGuinness, Imagination Technologies
The Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA) furnishes design strategies for the next generation of mobile SoCs.
Java brewing in embedded with targeted virtual machine
By Curt Schwaderer, Editorial Director
Embedded Java development can be challenging at first, but more and more virtual machines (VMs) are being developed and supported specifically for running Java on embedded platforms, making these challenges easier to overcome.
Greener power requires smarter grids
By Markus Staeblein and Kripa Venkat, Texas Instruments
An intelligent power network will support more extensive generation of energy from renewable sources, with a safer and more efficient energy grid for generations to come.
Three ways to improve PCB design productivity and predictability with hierarchical interface-aware design capability
By Hemant Shah, Cadence
Design authoring has traditionally involved working with busses or bundles, with a single-level hierarchical definition of a group of signals. This process, however, doesn't result in a fast or easy way to connect interfaces.
Industrial panel PCs make manufacturing smarter
By Rory Dear, Technical Contributor
The implementation of Panel PCs is revolutionizing production management and improving efficiency
BeagleBoard community sniffs out new territory with PRUs
By Monique DeVoe, Managing Editor
At BeagleBoard's 6th birthday, and around BeagleBone Black's 1st birthday we take a look back at what the platform has achieved and where the foundation and the community are taking it next.
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A smart way to drive ECU consolidation
By Georg Doll, Wind River
How to integrate more functionality onto a smaller number of more efficient ECUs - without increasing the complexity of the testing effort.
CMSIS 4 ARM Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard
Model 2453 compact IP video server
Flexible Enclosure Platform for Small Form Factor PCBs
OMS, a Pro-Dex company
MAXv VME/VME64 motion controller
Elma Electronic
Sturdy Small Enclosures Offer Affordable Flexibility in a Variety of Sizes
Annapolis Micro Systems
Dual Twelve Bit 2.3 or 1.5 GSps DAC I/O Card
Innovative Integration
Prepare for Glory with FMC-500 2x500 MSPS 16-bit A/D 2x1230 MSPS 16-bit D/A
WinSystems, Inc.
Fanless Quad-
Core Embedded
PC Operates -40 to +85 C
American Portwell Technology, Inc.
WEBS-3583 high performance fanless Box PC

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SYNOPSIS: A one-hour, live, moderated problem/solution technical webcast.

Point of Sale and credit card transaction security for embedded systems critical compliance and threat mitigation techniques and solutions

September 3rd 11:00 AM EDT
Presented by: Avnet, McAfee

Safety Certification and Unmanned Aircraft

September 9th 2:00 PM EDT
Presented by: Esterel Technologies, IBM, LDRA, RTI

Managing SWaP in ISR Systems

December 4th 2:00 PM EST
Presented by: Advanced Cooling Technologies, Curtiss-Wright, GE Intelligent Platforms, TE Connectivity

Protecting Your Car: Increasing Auto Software Security

Presented by: Electric Cloud, klocwork, Security Innovation
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