Embedded Computing Design E-letter - November 2014

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Connecting Silicon, Software, and Strategies for Intelligent Systems
E-letter November 2014
Determining an effective analog sampling rate
By Sealevel Systems, Inc.
Deciding on the frequency of measurements can be approached in several ways. Learn about different methods using temperature sensing as an example.
The art and science of RF and mixed-signal design
By Alessandro Piovaccari, Silicon Labs
Over the past few decades, mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) design has been one of the most exciting and technically challenging segments of the semiconductor industry. Despite all of the advances that have occurred in the semiconductor industry over that time span, the one constant need is still to ensure the analog world we live in interacts seamlessly with the digital world of computing, a requirement especially driven by the current pervasive mobile environment and the rapidly emerging Internet of Things (IoT) "re-evolution."
Digital inspiration meets musical creativity
By Curt Schwaderer, Editorial Director
I consider myself a musician and a technologist. I don't think I'm an exception. In my travels, I've met a number of technologists who are also musicians. Maybe it's the mathematical link between music and technology. Perhaps the creativity involved in music and technological innovation is similar. Both disciplines involve a unique mix of creativity, parallel thinking, and imagination.
Advanced static analysis for reusable libraries and subsystems
By S. Tucker Taft, AdaCore
Advanced static analysis tools are no longer novelties but rather are becoming true strategic elements in the standard professional developer's toolkit.
Strategies for verifying an FPGA design
By David Kelf, OneSpin Solutions
The escalating cost, time, and risk associated with custom integrated circuit (IC) fabrication has driven increased field programmable gate array (FPGA) usage across electronics applications. FPGAs are larger, faster, and more power-efficient than ever, and bring a number of capabilities unavailable in custom silicon design, such as field updates, multi-function devices, and simplified prototyping, making them an attractive option.
Putting automotive engine control on the multicore road
By Monique DeVoe, Managing Editor
As embedded systems address increasing performance demands, developers are looking to multicore architectures. Automotive systems are no different, and researchers are figuring out how to smoothly transition engine control systems from a single-core to a multicore architecture while maintaining accuracy.
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Overcoming the size and power tradeoff in wearable designs
By Freescale Semiconductor and ARM
The wearables market is evolving, and designers need to be aware of the technologies necessary to deliver low power and special requirements, and the tools and platforms that will help make their devices stand out.
Get high-performance storage for the future. See how SanDisk is advancing 4k video.
Rogue Wave Software
Secure software with static code analysis
N200 Real-time Remote Access Module
MSI (Micro-Star INT'L Co., LTD.)
MS-9A65 Ultra Slim Fanless System Fulfills Your Space-Limited Display Applications
Learn how to get the most out of your Cortex-M Microcontrollers
Flexible Enclosure Platform for Small Form Factor PCBs
Intel Embedded Innovator
Shrinking Time & Cost for IoT Solutions
Innovative Integration
The FMC-10GE provides two 10 Gb Ethernet ports on a custom FMC module for a powerful, stand-alone, FPGA-based IF transceiver
Elma Electronic
Elma's SFF Compute Platforms Expand
Annapolis Micro Systems
Dual Twelve Bit 2.3 or 1.5 GSps DAC I/O Card
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Optimizing Performance and Lifecycle of Proprietary Systems Using Intel Architecture

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Three ways to ensure your automotive developers deliver secure, compliant, defect-free software

December 10th 11:00 AM EST
Presented by: Rogue Wave

Panel Discussion: IoT Designing, Connecting, and Securing your Things

December 11th 2:00 PM EST
Presented by: ADLINK Technology, Echelon, Freescale, MultiTech Systems, NXP
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