Embedded Computing Design E-letter - December 2014

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Connecting Silicon, Software, and Strategies for Intelligent Systems
E-letter December 2014
Overcoming implementation challenges in model-based systems
By Esterel Technologies, a subsidiary of ANSYS, Inc.
Manufacturers are facing increasing challenges and risks in developing innovative new products with ever shorter life cycles.
Meeting the challenge of communications in a connected world
By John Cantelmo, Exar Corporation
Greater integration can offer increased flexibility when designing multi-functional communication devices.
Android embedded in 5 easy steps
By Marcel Ziswiler, Toradex
Android has reached a very widespread deployment not only in the smartphone and tablet area, but also more and more in the embedded space.
Controlling automotive software deviations in a MISRA compliance environment
By Fergus Bolger, PRQA
C and C++ are by some distance the most widely used languages for embedded software development. Recent research by VDC shows C being used by 70 percent of the embedded systems companies surveyed and C++ by 42 percent. C has been implemented for virtually every processor. It provides a wide range of resources and libraries, and is supported by a wide range of tools.
Choosing the right operating system
By Rory Dear, Technical Contributor
It's important to choose the right OS, not only on functionality, but also "cost of ownership."

The SSD E-mag

The SSD E-mag analyzes advances in storage technology, including market adoption trends, utilizing the Advanced Encryption Standard for secure storage in aerospace and defense, defining solid-state technology by vertical application, and more.

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The Automotive E-mag

The second installment of the Automotive E-mag shifts into gear with features covering in-vehicle MCU consolidation, the importance of independent software for auto manufacturers, ISO 26262 and MISRA coding tools and techniques, connected car tech, and more.

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Rogue Wave Software
Secure software with static code analysis
Learn how to get the most out of your Cortex-M Microcontrollers
MEN Micro, Inc.
MEN Micro Releases New XC15 Carrier Board For Rugged COM Express Modules
Diamond Systems Corporation
COM-based SBCs with Intel Core i7 / Celeron Processors Target Rugged, I/O-Rich, High Performance Applications
Intel Embedded Innovator
Shrinking Time & Cost for IoT Solutions
Innovative Integration
New Turnkey Digital Receiver Embedded PC Instrument with 8 independent DDCs and Spectrum Analyzer Download Data Sheets & Pricing Now!
Elma Electronic
Elma's SFF Compute Platforms Expand
Annapolis Micro Systems
Dual Twelve Bit 2.3 or 1.5 GSps DAC I/O Card

The IoT E-mag

The Internet of Things E-mag brought to you by Embedded Computing Design deconstructs the IoT with features that investigate device/network infrastructure, comprehensive cyber security, reengineering business models, and much, much more.

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Three ways to ensure your automotive developers deliver secure, compliant, defect-free software

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Breaking Through the 3.0GHz with the ARM® Cortex®-A53

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Panel Discussion: IoT - Designing, Connecting, and Securing your Things

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