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Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

Welcome to the very first Embedded Europe blog, our bi-monthly synopsis of key announcements, technology news, and events in the European embedded industry ( Subscribe to the newsletter ). In this issue we ponder the ramifications of the mind-blowing Altera acquisition by Intel and what this means for the future of their integrated ARM cores. We evaluate the latest advances in low power technology driving IoT, with Silicon Labs' MCUs for USB connected devices and Atmel's SAM L family , the latter promising battery…Continued...

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Haptic feedback: When a touchscreen touches you

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

Some revolutions you simply have to witness for yourself or more accurately in this case, feel for yourself. I'd first heard of this exciting technology in passing conversation and prior to the demonstration had mentally prepared for the natural disappointment that often follows any apparently "too good to be true" claim – though the reality was quite the opposite. Marketed as "bringing surfaces to life", the Redux ST SurfaceSensation technology provides haptic feedback by cleverly utilises multiple actuators affixed to the underside of a…Continued...


It's official: Intel buys Altera

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

One of the industry's poorest-kept secrets – Intel's desire to purchase Altera – has finally come to fruition. For around $16 billion, give or take a few hundred million, Intel now owns the industry's second largest programmable logic vendor (second to Xilinx, of course). The long-term effects of this deal could be huge, marrying the companies' two hugely successful technologies, namely processing and programmable logic. And Intel has shown, judging by its last two highly publicized acquisitions, Wind River and McAfee, that it knows…Continued...

High power density industrial power management

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

Held at the One Aldwyck Hotel in London's Strand, I was invited to a presentation and Q&A detailing Intersil 's latest investment in the industrial power management arena to which they demonstrate a continued commitment. Today the industrial and infrastructure markets are responsible for nearly two-thirds of Intersil's annual turnover, that achieved in part by their continued investment of 20 percent back into core R&D – which means today they hold more than 1,000 technology patents. Of particular highlight they boast the highest power…Continued...

Flexible and dynamic software licensing in the field

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

Today, product ranges are achieved with dynamic software licensing rather than multiple hardware variants. At the inception of any new product range, designers face the same pressures they always have: critically, the conundrum of how to balance those price vs functionality variables most optimally for their target market. Rarely are designers even lucky enough to find themselves faced with a single optimum balance either, forced to provide both budget and premium variants and often many more mid-points in between both extremes, to capture the…Continued...

Low-power MCUs for USB-connected IoT devices

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

For me (and I'm sure many others) the terms "IoT" and "wireless" are synonymous – so I first reacted with surprise when Alf Petter Syvertsen (Product Manager of 32-bit Microcontroller Products) introduced Silicon Labs' latest offering to the IoT space. Alf's confidence that "Wired connectivity is not going away, there are still many legacy applications that need USB, despite the proliferation of wireless technology in so many areas these days" quickly quashed my initially skeptical perception of its value in today's wireless world. The…Continued...

Get up close and personal with development tool and hardware presentations at the Device Developer's Conference

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

The embedded Device Developers' Conference , is now in its fifth year in its current guise, though you can trace the show back 14 years to its original roots as an embedded masterclass. To improve accessibility to today's ever-busy embedded engineers, the event is effectively a road show, stopping in four key cities along the length and breadth of the UK. A purposefully small-scale show with around 30 exhibitors, when combined with carefully selected venues the Device Developers' Conference offers a relaxed intimacy rarely…Continued...

Developing and expanding IoT infrastructure at the M2M World Congress

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

The M2M World Congress 2015 was held in the Grand Hall of the Grand Connaught Rooms in Central London on 28-29 April, featuring exciting keynote speakers from prominent industry stalwarts, albeit across a range of core and peripheral "embedded" industries, unavoidably heavily influenced by the exponential growth of IoT and M2M technology we're seeing today. Now entering its fifth year, the conference pulls together international organisations developing and innovating in M2M applications, covering both M2M communications network infrastructure providers and end users of M2M…Continued...

The IoT meets digital learning in schools

Monique DeVoe Managing Editor

Interoperability can be a challenge for embedded systems, especially in the quickly expanding Internet of Things (IoT). When there are proprietary or legacy systems integrating with new systems, or when connecting new application areas to the IoT there are often growing pains. Schools often experience problems when trying to integrate digital learning systems for all students, and can have a difficult time becoming connected. Educators and staff at schools don't often have the expertise, time, and funds needed to implement such a school- or…Continued...

Monitoring the slightest movements with radio wave advanced sensor technology

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

Revolutions in core technology invariably drive a similar revolution in applications, with the applications targeted at launch quickly a distant memory, as the industry jumps on the technology and rapidly innovates brand new applications not conceived at its inception. Novelda AS's XeThru technology falls into both camps, with the targeted applications exciting in themselves, but where one can quickly find themselves inspired yet lost in a sea of alternative usage scenarios; however, one particular immediate application for their technology is very close to my…Continued...

The top five features to consider when selecting embedded design software

Mats Pettersson, Altium Americas

No matter what industry you're in, chances are the competition is fierce. If you're an embedded software developer that means you're under pressure not only to get the job done faster than ever before, but more effectively than ever before. That means delivering software that has higher performance and fewer "bugs." Your ability to do this is often a function of the embedded software design tools that you're using. You need tools that help you build software quickly and efficiently, not get in the…Continued...

Lowest-power processor ever? Possibly

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

I always raise an eyebrow when a see that a company has "reached a new level of performance" or something like that. In a discussion earlier today, I was told that a new generation of a production achieved 80 percent better performance than the last generation. My immediate reaction was, "I guess they did a poor job of engineering on the last generation." Call me a cynic. Anyhow, fast forward to the latest "lowest ever" device that was just announced. If the claims they're…Continued...

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