Scalable security requirements of connected devices

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

Multiple levels of security must combine both via the cloud and locally between devices to satisfy the growing capability of IoT. Once upon a time, from the most basic electronic devices to the most complex embedded device, where there was a need for security at all it simply had to satisfy a single purpose. More often than not, that security requirement existed more to protect the product manufacturer's IP than a need to protect the user – back then the threats we see today…Continued...

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Preparing for the convergence of IoT and automotive

Mahbubul Alam, Movimento Group

How the software-defined car creates opportunities for engineers and benefits for users. The word on the street is that the brave new world of the Internet of Things (IoT) will significantly impact the automotive industry. It’s a whisper not to be ignored by automotive design engineers, as this represents a whole new way of doing business. With processors and networking seeping into so many parts of today’s vehicles the IoT will overhaul many elements of the auto industry, with areas as surprising as finance…Continued...

Preparing for the IoT of 2020

Monique DeVoe Managing Editor

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere right now. All industries could (and likely do) have systems connected to the IoT. And while we think it's everywhere now, it's going to be everywhere even more in five years, with more devices, more developers working on IoT pieces, and more potential functionality at all levels. The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) has put together an infographic to show the future potentials of the IoT and the hurdles to getting there, including privacy, security, big…Continued...

ECC RAM in embedded/industrial applications

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

It's easy to liken the job of DRAM to that of a long serving production line worker; undertaking the exact same repetitive task, day in day out and over decades, performing that task to literal perfection – though that analogy doesn't hold true. Today's DRAM device's job is far from easy, expected to store 4-8 billion unique pieces of data in leaky capacitors at densities of tens of nanometers and capacitance in the order of tens of femtocoulombs – though that's not all. They…Continued...

Near-eye OLED displays address power and performance issues

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

Whilst the display manufacturers race to produce even larger displays with ever impressive resolutions rages on, those manufacturers within a rapidly emerging sub-sector are focussing on increasing visibility by non-dimensional means – bringing that display closer to your eye. This isn't a necessarily a new concept, though past iterations were held back by clunky components, poor resolution, and power consumption so astronomical that battery lifetime was insufferable. That's now all changing thanks to organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology, which promised, and delivered. Simplistically,…Continued...

Rory on the road
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Electronics Design Show – Coventry, UK, 22nd October

The fast-growing M2M market presents a series of wireless design challenges

Stefano Moioli, u-blox and Thomas Nigg, u-blox

When selecting wireless modems, there's a checklist of features to consider. We've presented those here. The growth rate of machine-to-machine (M2M) connections now far exceeds new connections between people, and soon there will be many more machines than people connecting over cellular networks, as shown in the GSM Association forecast in Figure 1. These machines include security systems, meters, robots, vending stations, asset trackers, and emergency call systems. The variety is growing by the day, as are the silent conversations between millions of machines…Continued...

Embedded growing in food production

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

One rapidly growing (pun intended) application for embedded computing can be found in the food production chain, where technology is driving efficiency, quality, and traceability improvement – from the farmer's field to your dinner plate. To investigate I headed over to the Food Produce Show , brainchild of Jim Prevor , president of Produce Business magazine, to see what embedded innovations are currently being deployed and what further applications those in this exciting new market envisage for the years ahead. Opportunely, I found worthy…Continued...

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One FPGA SoC to rule them all

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

With the recent announcement of a $16.7 billion acquisition of Altera by industry behemoth Intel Corporation , demonstrating both Intel's confidence in their innovative technology and their enthusiasm to throw their full weight behind pushing that technology ubiquitously into the embedded marketplace – comes an announcement that is exciting all on its own, the revolutionary Stratix 10 FPGA SoC . Joining the Generation 10 range, nestled alongside the Max 10 55 nm high volume/low cost pure FPGA and the Arria 10 , the sole…Continued...

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