SPS IPC Drives: Revealing an automated future

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

Far from being happy to live in the shadow of Nuremberg Messe's marquee embedded event, Embedded World, SPS IPC Drives annually hosts around 1,500 exhibitors displaying their wares to more than 50,000 visitors, with a quarter of those from outside the host nation. For those new to SPS IPC Drives, the event focusses on arguably the primary application of embedded technology: automation – from component level to complete automation solutions. Specific sub-sectors, spanning industrial and panel PCs, sensors, communications interfaces, and control technology, are…Continued...

Compact, Stand-alone embedded PC – Dual XMC I/O Sites.
Add anything from RF Receivers to industrial control modules.
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The search for a simpler, more cost-effective way to implement USB 3.0 functionality

Gordon Lunn, FTDI Chip and Lee Chee Ee, FTDI Chip

The USB 3.0 SuperSpeed standard presents an order of magnitude increase in data rates compared with USB 2.0, thereby giving engineers the ability they need to address far more data intensive application scenarios. However, a number of flashpoints are arising that could potentially slow the adoption of this next-generation interface by the engineering community. Figures compiled and published earlier this year by market research firm Global Industry Analysts suggest that worldwide sales of USB 3.0-enabled devices will hit the 3 billion unit mark by…Continued...

UAVs, signal processing, and traceability at DSEI 2015

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

Security was tighter than ever entering DSEI 2015 in London, which was the perfect way to pay homage to the embedded innovation that underpinned much of the fresh military technology on display within. The vast swaths of visitors (purportedly close to 30,000) each individually had to traverse airport-style metal detectors and x-rays on entry. Whilst highly frustrating for those ambling through queues reminiscent of a national theme park, it provided an excellent example of efficient embedded technology at work, working for each of our…Continued...

Championing the standards police

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director

If your company doesn't have someone who represents the "standards police," maybe you should, as I recently learned from someone who happens to hold that position. Learning and implementing things before you go to production with a component can save a ton of resources, headaches, and likely revenue down the road. Saad Lambaz, the global standards manager at Littelfuse , explained the two roles he plays within his company. "First, I make sure that the products we manufacture obtain the appropriate certification from third-party…Continued...

Does automated enforcement in static analysis provide all you need?

Fulvio Baccaglini, PRQA

Software development activities should include source code reviews to enhance software quality and prevent or remove software defects, and static analysis tools can automate a significant part of this activity while reducing its costs. Code reviews are generally carried out based on coding standards and/or checklists that define which violations or defects should be identified and corrected. Looking at the C language in particular, popular examples of coding standards are MISRA C and CERT C, which provide guidelines to enhance safety and security respectively…Continued...

Upcoming E-cast: Architecting the Enterprise Internet of Things
Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives require integration of the physical, or operational world with the digital world of IT. Choosing the right IoT ecosystem architecture and technology enables this integration while ensuring security and dynamic, analytics-driven action. While some vendors advocate a one-size-fits-all approach, Dell uses a holistic, objective methodology to enable the right IoT ecosystem for your unique environment using a pragmatic approach that leverages existing devices and investments. Learn how Dell's IoT-specific gateways, edge analytics software and infrastructure solutions provide flexible architecture options for multiple IoT use cases. Register Free

The IoT in smart homes will depend upon lighting

Tom Griffiths, ams AG

Moving our homes into the Internet of Things (IoT) century and making them truly smart will require easy-to-implement IoT connectivity. Fortunately, the move to smart lighting is delivering a ready-made platform for intelligent, connected sensing. Simply updating our lighting systems will provide the delivery mechanism for sensor hubs in our homes, as well as commercial spaces, enabling smart spaces that respond and adapt to the people who occupy them. Why lighting? If we think about the different fixtures in our homes, we land on…Continued...

A history of development kits and community support

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor

Back as a fresh-faced 18-year-old in his first days in the embedded industry, I quickly learnt students and hobbyists were considered little more than an inconvenient drain on support resources, be that commercial or technical. In fairness this was at a time when embedded computing technology remained a specialist niche and well before the term or even the philosophy of "ease of development" was conceived. Hobbyists were viewed as motivated by paying as little as possible and placing as much a burden of support…Continued...

From fitness to health, location-aware medical wearables are about to transform our lives

Uffe Pless, u-blox

Combining the right features and functions can result in a product that goes well beyond a simple fitness tracker. According to Juniper Research , some 60 million fitness trackers will be in use by 2018, more than tripling the number sold in 2014. And if analyst CCS Insight is right, the total wearables market will rise to 172 million devices by 2018. Hence, fitness trackers will account for more than one third of all wearable devices. Well-known examples like Fitbit and Xiaomi's MiBand are…Continued...

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