FED4SAE project aims to accelerate European cyber-physical-system solutions to market

ECD Staff

A pan-European consortium of 14 companies has launched the Federated CPS Digital Innovation Hubs for the Smart Anything Everywhere (FED4SAE) initiative, a three-year European Commission program to facilitate the acceleration of European cyber-physical-system (CPS) solutions to market. FED4SAE creates a European network of digital innovation hubs by leveraging existing regional tech or businesses ecosystems across complete value chains and multiple competencies. The network will enable startups, SMEs and midcap companies in all sectors to build and create new digital products, smart applications and services.…Continued...


White Paper: SMARC 2.0 - At the Heart of Next Generation IoT Embedded Solutions

The SMARC - (Smart Mobility Architecture) standard has in a matter of a few years become a major driving force behind the enablement of innovative ultra-low-power embedded computing technology solutions. Market demand and the disruptive influence of the Internet of Things (IoT) have already hastened the arrival of a new specification, SMARC 2.0. What are the implications for embedded systems designers and developers?

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Voice rec is terrifying

Brandon Lewis

In a world obsessed with Internet privacy it’s surprising how little we talk about always-listening devices like the Amazon Echo. After all, a company that wants to learn intimate details about your life in order to sell you more stuff has a microphone permanently fired up in your kitchen. If you own an Echo and weren’t aware of this feature, open up your Alexa app, select the “Settings” menu, and then select “History.” Take a listen. Were all of those recordings intended for the…Continued...

Thread Group expands test infrastructure to support influx of interoperable products

ECD Staff

The Thread Group has expanded its testing and certification infrastructure with the addition of four new labs across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Taiwan. The organization has also designated TÜV Rheinland and 7layers as official authorized testing labs for Thread products, in addition to UL. The increased infrastructure will help ensure interoperability between a growing number of Thread components and products. In addition to the facilities expansion, the organization also released the “Thread Ready” designation for devices that meet the core requirements…Continued...

Code analyzer automatically applies AUTOSAR Adaptive C++14 guidelines

ECD Staff

The PRQA AUTOSAR Compliance Module is the first commercially available static code analysis tool to automatically apply the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform’s new C++14 Coding Guidelines. The AUTOSAR Compliance Module is delivered as an extension to the QA-C++ 4.2 static code analyzer. The AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform is aimed at high-performance electronic control units (ECUs) used in fail-operational systems, such as those required by autonomous vehicles. PRQA will present on the new standard at Automotive IQ’s ISO 26262 conference in Düsseldorf, Germany, March 13-16, 2018. eletter-11-16-2017…Continued...

Calculate cost for a custom IIoT IC (Hint: It’s cheaper than you think)

ECD Staff

S3 Semiconductors’ free online bill of materials (BOM) calculator provides an inside look into how creating a custom integrated circuit (IC) for your next Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) application can be economically viable, even in low to medium volumes. The tool considers variables such as the number of units being manufactured; how long the product will be manufactured; processor characteristics; and whether analog, data converter, and RF components are present in your design. In addition to estimating the cost of developing a custom…Continued...

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