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SYSGO's PikeOS achieves ARINC 653 Part 3 conformance validation with Skysoft's AVT


“Testing is one of the most crucial factors of software development especially in the safety-critical area.” said Jacques Brygier, Vice President Marketing at SYSGO. “Skysofts specific ARINC 653 verification tools have helped us to offer our customers a full ARINC 653 Part 3 compliant PikeOS Personality with a maximum of reliability in a very short time.” The PikeOS virtualization technology allows multiple applications and even operating systems to run concurrently on one hardware platform. To facilitate such a model for a safety-critical environment, execution time and memory space of each application must be protected from other applications in the system. The ARINC Specification 653, implemented in the PikeOS system software, provides the definition of an APplication EXecutive (APEX) that supports space and time partitioning of applications. ARINC 653 is one of the main features to assure a secure execution environment for safety-critical applications in the avionics and aerospace. Similar to the POSIX qualification schemes, the Skysoft AVT tools allow an independent verification of the presence of all required services and their conformance with the ARINC 653 Part 3 standard. Services include Inter-Partition Communication (Queuing Ports, Sampling Ports), Intra-Partition Communication (Buffers, Events, Semaphores, Blackboards), Partition Management, Process Management, Timing functions and Health-Monitor functions.


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