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Debugger and Trace for AMCC PowerPC 460EX/460GT


LAUTERBACH, the market and technology leader in hardware debuggers and real-time trace tools, announced that the TRACE32 PowerTools are now available for the AMCC PPC460EX and PPC460GT. The existing PPC400 debugger has been enhanced for the new processor architecture.The PPC460EX, used for imaging, wireless access and industrial control application, and the 460GT, intended for control plane processors, are the new high-end flagships of the AMCC PowerPC family.

Tool configuration

* JTAG debugger: Power Debug USB 2.x and debug cable for PPC44x

* JTAG debugger and real-time trace: PowerTrace, debug cable for PPC44x and self-calibrating AUTOFOCUS II preprocessor.

Source: Lauterbach