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Zynetix Enables Next Generation GSM-At-Sea Service For Merchant Vessels


Zynetix announces the general availability of the next generation maritime GSM platform and service – the updated Zynetix Ocean Linx GSM controller and the new Zynetix Managed Core Services (MCS). Both elements were selected by Globe Wireless for their new GSM-at-sea service, GlobeMobile, also launched today.

Building on its first commercial maritime deployments in 2005, the Zynetix Ocean Linx is a state-of-the-art GSM communications platform with class-leading features including bandwidth conservation and an enhanced voice and text feature set to make the most of in-roaming and crew prepaid capabilities. Ocean Linx has been designed to meet both the market-specific and technical-specific needs of maritime GSM and is available in various configurations including voice over IP (VoIP) and FXO port, according to the preferred satellite backhaul mode.

With Managed Core Services (MCS), Zynetix manages and runs the GSM core infrastructure for our Maritime Service Provider (MSP) partners. Facilities offered through MCS include: HLR, core MSC, SMSC, prepaid platform, alarm monitoring and multiple GSM partner interconnects. Zynetix MCS is hosted in a secure facility in London and offers many benefits including faster time to market, reduced training requirements and lower capex.

Commenting on the launch of the GlobeMobile service, Ian Taylor, CEO of Zynetix said “The field of merchant-vessel maritime GSM is now moving from trials and first generation systems to the next generation of highly featured and lower cost platforms. We congratulate Globe Wireless on the launch of their exciting new GlobeMobile service, which we believe sets new standards for the industry.”

For further information on the Zynetix Ocean Linx or MCS, please contact Ian Taylor on +44 (0)7799 067755 or Martin Reason on +44 (0)7725 244518

Source: RealWire