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SYSGO announces ELinOS support for OMAP35x(tm) Evaluation Module


Mainz, Paris - February 11, 2010 SYSGO, leading supplier of software solutions for the world's most demanding safety and security applications, announces the availability in its ELinOS product of support for the Texas Instruments OMAP35x Evaluation Module. The new SYSGO support package combines the high performance at minimal power levels in a single chip with industrial grade Linux for rapid development of reliable long-lived applications.

SYSGO’s ELinOS board support package for the OMAP35x EVM allows developers to fully access and leverage the strengths of the board, including the speed optimized OMAP3530 processor (720MHz ARM Cortex-A8 / 520MHz C64x+™ DSP) and 256 MB LPDDR/256 MB NAND Flash.

“With OMAP™ 3, Texas Instruments has delivered a hardware platform that suits demanding industrial requirements, but complete exploitation of that platform without loss of reliability requires a Linux solution that is up to the challenge”, said Jacques Brygier, VP Marketing at SYSGO. “As the leader in industrial grade Linux, SYSGO’s ELinOS 5.0 delivers flexibility and efficiency to OMAP 3 developers that are not otherwise possible.”

With more than four times the processing power of today's 300MHz ARM9 devices, OMAP35x devices integrate the superscalar Cortex-A8 core and TI's C64x+ DSP into four applications processors: OMAP3503, OMAP3515, OMAP3525, and OMAP3530. The OMAP3530 is available in two versions: 600MHz ARM/430MHz DSP and 720MHz ARM/520MHz DSP to deliver advanced user interface, improved graphics, video and connectivity for applications.

Linux is a powerful option for many types of embedded applications. Its flexibility and broad range of functionality, APIs and drivers are compelling reasons to consider Linux. However, many traps and difficulties lie in wait for embedded Linux novices and non-experts, or developers who have no time to sort out the proliferation of new components continuously being added to the extensive Linux ecosystem. ELinOS is the embedded Linux environment that solves these problems, offering customers the best selection of technology to meet their needs, along with the comfort of world-class support.


ELinOS 5.0 with support for the OMAP35x EVM is available now. ELinOS 5.0 is available for Linux and Windows hosted platforms.


SYSGO provides operating system technology, middleware, and software services for the real-time and embedded market. A differentiating capability of SYSGO is the SSV (Safe and Secure Virtualization) platform PikeOS, a paravirtualization operating system which is built upon a small, fast, and safe microkernel. It supports the co-existence of independent operating system personalities on a single platform, including ELinOS, SYSGO’s embedded Linux distribution. SYSGO supports international customers with services for embedded Linux, real-time capabilities and certification for safety-critical applications. Markets include Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Transportation and Network Infrastructure. Customers include Airbus, Honeywell, Thales, Daimler, Raytheon, Rheinmetall, Rockwell-Collins, Siemens, and Rohde & Schwarz. SYSGO has facilities in Germany, France, The Czech Republic and North America, and offers a global distribution and support network, including Europe and the Pacific Rim.

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