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VMware backup

We know how virtual backups and virtual backup scripts have revolutionized the IT industry. But what are the key benefits of it? Are you a company who has not switched to a Virtual backup? What is stopping you?

In this press release, we will tell you how a VMware backup can actually be absolutely vital for your IT forward success and drive. In fact not having one can be detrimental to your IT business success!

We will tell the state-of-the-art VMware backup best practices that experts recommend

Why A VMware Backup is necessary?

A VMware backup is an absolute necessity for any VMware arrangement and VMware workstation, from storing a copy of a virtual machine to recovering backups when a failure occurs. By doing this, you won’t lose your important data.

‘Backups to tape’ not an option anymore!

Physical servers that host multiple VMs are not an option for you these days. In other words they can drain memory and CPU resource, obstruct a network and may even potentially cause the networks to fail.

In addition to that, physical backup takes up your huge chuck of time.

The incredible VMware Backup is surely the way forward for you!

With the use of a VM backup in the VMware environments, you simply do not have to worry about the time spent on creating backups and recovering them. The VMware servers are is fast, efficient and reliable.

Using a VM backup, incredible snapshots provide point-in-time representations of each of the VM’s state, which also includes configuration and disk data. There is another of the method called “data de-duplication”.

Why use VMware Backup? What are the BENEFITS you get?

In the last few years, administrators have depended heavily upon VMware consolidated Backup VCB, which was introduced in the VMware infrastructure, as their primary backup tool. The results have been largely positive.

1 Reduced server costs and improved.

2 Improved flexibility with server consolidation.

3 Decreased downtime.

4 Improved reliability with business continuity.

5 Disaster recovery.

6 Data protection.

Now you can back up your virtual machines without disrupting users and applications. Consolidated VMware Backup and Vmware fusion provides a centralized backup facility that enables you to use leading backup software from Vmware Backup to protect system, application, and user data in your virtual machines while reducing the load on virtualized servers.

What is Vmware Consolidated Backup (VCB)?

Vmware Consolidated Backup is the most favored technique of protecting your virtual machines in a Vmware setting. The key aspect of the Vmware is that it enables you to offload the backup workload to the backup proxy server.

The Vmware ESX Server components of the VCB are preinstalled on each of the ESX Server host; hence no separate installation is necessary on the server side. Consolidated Backup software installation is required only on the proxy server.

Benefits You Get

All major backup vendors fully support using Consolidated Backup to protect virtual machines. Consolidated Backup offers many benefits for protecting virtual machines in a Vmware Infrastructure environment.

These include:

1 Offloading backup workload from production ESX Server hosts and consolidating it on one or more dedicated backup proxy servers.

3 Eliminating the need for a backup window by leveraging VMFS snapshot technology for backup.

4 Eliminating network traffic on the network by backing up virtual machines over the storage network.

5 Allowing efficient incremental backups of virtual machines (file-level backup only).

6 Allowing online backup of virtual machines (file-level and image backup).

7 Integrating with current backup software to back up virtual machines.

How third party software is can efficiently handle the VCB?

Another important element of VMware Infrastructure is that VMware Virtual Center. Now what does a Virtual center does? Well it manages and reports the state of all the virtual machines.

The great thing about the consolidated backup is that it can be integrated with all the major third part backup software in an attempt to provide a no disruptive solution. The backup software in VCB environment continues to efficiently handle backup scheduling and reporting and the data movement between a proxy server and a secondary storage.

What consolidated backup enables is backup software which can automate the task of making a virtual machine disk images available to the proxy server for the backup.

You can get the ultimate benefits from VMware Backup by using a solution that is specifically designed for it. Agent less backup with VADP, Changed Block Tracking (CBT), hot-plug and direct SAN access – all these exclusive features make VMware backup and recovery fast and efficient.

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