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Pixus Technologies Offers Subrack Enclosure Family in EMC, Compact, And Mobile Rugged Styles

Pixus Technologies
EMC Subrack 6U
EMC Subrack 6U

Pixus Technologies, a supplier of backplane, chassis, and embedded component solutions, offers Eurocard subracks for 3U and 6U boards in multiple configurations. The subrack enclosures can house backplanes or special modules for industrial, mil/aero, communications, medical, energy, and test/measurement industries.

The Pixus subrack line features a modular design, with extrusions and tapped strips in standard intervals allowing a wide range of configurations without customization. This significantly reduces development time and costs. The EMC version features gasketing and optional EMC covers. Compact versions of the enclosures are available in 42 HP and 21 HP sizes standard. The Mobile Rugged industrial subrack features reinforced components and has been used in European railway applications.

The standard and EMC subracks also come in 4U and 7U sizes, with 1U of spacing below the card cage for fan implementation. The modular subracks can be configured to house 3U or 6U boards on one side of the enclosure and a customer’s instruments, special power supply, or custom modules on the other side of the chassis.

Pixus Technologies’ subracks have several optional components including top and bottom covers (vented or non-vented), card guides for board plugging, ESD clips, rack mounting tabs, threaded inserts, EMC gasketing, and conductive strips. Front and rear panels are also available and can be customized with cut-outs, silk-screening, and more.