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UDOO X86:10x more powerful than Raspberry Pi 3 and can run Windows, Android, and Linux


The New PC is here!

So your PC is dead and you’re looking for a replacement. You take a look at the computers on the market and you feel overwhelmed. Should you pony up over a thousand bucks for the latest Windows workstation? How much power do you need? What is better for you, Windows, Linux or Android as operating system? The agony of indecision grows and your wallet seems scared.

Then you see it.

There’s a tiny Mini PC on Kickstarter which seems to be exactly what you’re looking for.

Cheaper than any other Mini PCs out there. Blazing fast. And it mounts an Arduino 101-compatible microcontroller, a replica of the newest toy of, with 6-axis accelerometer and gyroscope plus Bluetooth Low Energy.

Codename UDOO X86, what we are speaking of is the brand-new computer by UDOO.

Already having raised well over $675,000 by now, UDOO X86 is the New PC.

Ok, now you are probably a little puzzled.

But what you’re looking at is exactly what the future of PCs looks like. This little beast is a full-fledged in USA x86-computer, 10 times more powerful than Raspberry Pi 3, based on Intel Quad Core 64 Bit processors that consume as little as 5 or 6 Watts. UDOO X86 drives up to three 4K resolution monitors at the same time and runs Linux, Android and Windows. Even Windows 10, the very same Windows of desktop computers.

Also the specs are impressive. The Basic model, available at $89, is a Quad Core, up to 2GHz PC has 2 GB of RAM, while UDOO X86 Ultra, based on Quad Core Intel Pentium, has 8 GB of RAM and a clock up to 2.56 GHz for only $209. Each model has 8 GB eMMC. In terms of storage options, UDOO X86 lives up to the expectations: not only 8 GB eMMC, but also M.2 SSD connector, SATA connector, 3 USB 3.0 ports and Micro SD Card Reader.

If you think about it, this thing outperforms most netbooks at a mere one third of the price.

And that's not considering the Arduino 101-compatible Intel Curie microcontroller on board. UDOO X86 is indeed a full-fledged Arduino 101.

The Mini PC has the same pinout layout of Arduino UNO, ensuring 100% compatibility with Arduino shields, sensors and actuators.

Finally, thanks to the PCI Express support on M.2 SATA port, you can attach both PCI Express and SATA modules, like Digital TV Tuners, High Definition Video Grabber Capture cards, High-Fidelity Digital Audio or CCTV cards. Multiboot and boot from everywhere are the cherries on top.

UDOO X86 is also open source and open hardware.

The team motto is “UDOO: There’s Nothing You Can’t Do”.

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