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Alta Devices To Discuss How Next Generation Drones And Automobiles Can Demonstrate That Solar Technology Isn't Just For Rooftops

Alta Devices
Video about Alta Devices for Drones
Video about Alta Devices for Drones

It’s now possible to build an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or drone) or automobile with enough solar power to add meaningful range to the vehicle. This means that solar power isn’t just for buildings or solar farms anymore: it is now mobile. Alta Devices will discuss how its breakthrough solar technology can power next generation drones and cars. Presentations will include an overview of Alta’s technology, why and how it enables this mobility and power, both automotive and UAV case studies and examples, and discussions of how vehicle range will be impacted.

Drone World Expo, 11/15-16, 2016, San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA

IDTechEx, 11/16-17, 2016, Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA

Great America (Santa Clara, CA) Ballroom K Track 8 Wednesday, 16 November 2016 3:05 - 3:30 ([...])

Solar for Unmanned Vehicles

Great America Ballroom K Track 8 Thursday, 17 November 2016 08:30 - 08:55


Alta Devices designs and manufactures the most efficient, thinnest, and flexible solar technology in the world. The company is revolutionizing the endurance of unmanned systems and recently announced that it had achieved another world record of 31.6% solar efficiency with its newest cells. The implications of this advance are broad: because the technology delivers high levels of energy without adding much weight, it can be used without compromising performance of aircraft or autos. For example, Alta solar requires less than half of the surface area and weighs one-fourth as much while providing the same amount of power as competing technology. Moreover, Alta’s technology can be used to keep electric cars powered for as much as 15-20% longer than with today’s best automotive batteries alone. This would mean that up to 29% of Americans’ commutes could be powered by the sun using Alta’s technology. These savings open UAV and car designers to a variety of alternative design options.

Source: Alta Devices