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Embedded World 2017 - OpenSystems Media adds Rich Media High-Impact Video Ad Format

OpenSystems Media

March 14, 2017, Nuremberg Germany – Embedded World. OpenSystems Media, the leading provider of content for the electronics industry announced the addition of new rich media high-impact video elements to its web sites.

The video overlay is designed to be viewed in the background and will enhance the experience of our sites which attract more than 200,000 users each month.

“Today’s engineers are very comfortable with video. In fact, they’re asking us for more video, as a way to help them do their jobs,” states Patrick Hopper, President of OpenSystems Media. “Videos are now being served on our family of sites targeting embedded, IoT, industrial, automotive and military applications. These are the internal videos as well as the latest video units from our partners,” he continues.

The video sponsorships will be allocated on a weekly basis and can be served on various home pages and article pages using keywords, ensuring that the engineers is served up a video that’s relevant to her needs. All video content will also feature complete analytics including engagement rate, completion rate, percentage of video viewed, sound on/off report, click through rates, and impressions. Videos can also be integrated with native ads.

Videos can be curated content from vendors or interviews from the OpenSystems Media staff. Click here to view a sample:

About OpenSystems Media

For more than 30 years, OpenSystems Media has focused solely on the embedded computing market. OpenSystems Media offers balance: taking not only a broad, encompassing look at trends and technologies, but also focusing on certain solutions in-depth.

Our mission is to promote the development and use of open standards and new technologies in the embedded computing industry. We constantly scan the industry for emerging standards, emerging technologies and uniquely innovative products, and we work with industry leaders to develop and publish articles that educate our readers about innovative new products, technologies, and standards of benefit to them.

For more information, contact Patrick Hopper, President at OpenSystems Media at 586-415-6500 or email

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