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Ka-Ro electronics creates Windows(r) Embedded Board Support Package for the NXP(r) i.MX 6UltraLite

Ka-Ro electronics
Ka-Ro electronics TX6UL SOM, based on the NXP i.MX 6UltraLite
Ka-Ro electronics TX6UL SOM, based on the NXP i.MX 6UltraLite

Embedded World Nurnberg Germany, 14 March 2017 Ka-Ro electronics today announced Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7) support for the Ka-Ro TX6UL, their SOM based on the NXP® i.MX 6UltraLite.

Ka-Ro created this BSP for the many companies that are still shipping and supporting products created with Windows CE 5.0 and 6.0. It is increasingly difficult to maintain these products – the challenges include outdated development tools, the ending of Windows CE support and security updates, and the approaching end of license sales.

By migrating to the Ka-Ro TX6UL and WEC7, companies can re-use their existing application code, upgrade to a modern and power-efficient ARM® Cortex® A7 core, and use current Microsoft Visual Studio tools for development. Most importantly, product life is extended, – the TX6UL has a guaranteed lifetime until at least 2030, and WEC7 licenses will ship from Microsoft until 2026.

Since 2004, Ka-Ro has continuously developed Windows Embedded BSPs and supported customers in bringing their products to market. With this deep internal expertise, Ka-Ro is uniquely suited to create a WEC7 BSP optimized for the TX6UL. By maintaining development in-house, Ka-Ro is one of the only companies worldwide that can provide integrated hardware/software support for Windows Embedded on their products.

The Ka-Ro TX6UL and WEC7 provide an easy upgrade path from existing ARM9/WinCE designs, and Ka-Ro provides expert technical support – directly from our hardware and software engineers – to assist with the migration and re-use of existing application code.

The TX6UL is part of the TX family and pin-compatible with all Ka-Ro TX6 SOMs, which include NXP i.MX 6Solo, DualLite, Quad and QuadPlus processors. All TX6 SOMs are supported in Windows Embedded, providing a range of performance if more processing power is needed. In addition to the long-term availability, the TX6UL offers LCD support and an industrial temperature operating range as standard.

An evaluation version of the BSP is available now, and release of a complete, production-ready BSP is planned for early Q3 2017. The evaluation BSP includes support for Ethernet networking, LCD display with capacitive touch, UARTs, I2C and SD host controller. The production BSP will add support for USB Host and OTG, SPI, GPIO, power management, and ActiveSync. Ka-Ro can also add support on request for CAN, RTC, Audio, and watchdog timers, all supported by the TX6UL SOM.

For more information and to obtain an evaluation of the WEC7 BSP, please contact Ka-Ro electronics, or visit us at Embedded World March 14-16 in Hall 4A Booth 320 for a working demonstration. For more information on the TX6UL, see:

About the Ka-Ro TX Family Concept

The TX Family Concept is proven with the installation of over a million modules since its introduction. Ka-Ro’s Family provides a standard interface across multiple ARM® based SOMS with a range of processor performance. TX modules support displays, networking and the typical interfaces required in industrial applications. The TX Family Concept makes it possible to create a common platform for products at different performance levels, making it easy to increase processor performance or optimize for lower cost.

About Ka-Ro electronics

Founded in 1988 in Aachen Germany to provide Electronics Manufacturing Services, Ka-Ro electronics has grown from a pioneer to a global leader in the System-on-Modules (SOMs) market. Ka-Ro’s ARM-based SOMs are used worldwide in demanding industrial and transportation applications and medical devices. Based on NXP® and Qualcomm® processors, development kits include custom and continuing support for Embedded Linux and Microsoft® Windows Embedded BSPs. Customers can depend on Ka-Ro for the proven quality, expert support and guaranteed long-term availability they need to succeed.

From the heart of Europe, Ka-Ro creates modules with the highest quality German-made precision. Design and production are NEVER outsourced. Ka-Ro continues to provide electronics manufacturing services, with the latest SMT equipment supporting customers from prototyping to large-volume production.