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Sensitel announces SENS City Solution for making Cities Livable, partners with Smart Connect Technologies, Inc. to gather transportation data

Smart Connect Technologies Inc.

Santa Clara, CA – May 16, 2017: Sensitel, Inc., the leading provider of Sensing, Tracking and Monitoring solutions, announced release of its SENS City Solution for operators of connected and autonomous fleets for urban environments. Transportation is undergoing transformation with 7% of all passenger miles projected to be in autonomous vehicles by 2027. Cities such as Columbus, OH, a recent winner of the $50M Smart City grant, are leading the way in using connected and autonomous vehicles to spur economic activity.

The company has utilized the technology behind its products, SENS and StaffCaster, to define, develop, and market the SENS City Solution.

“Today, various modes of transportation in cities are siloed and disconnected, leading to delays and wastage. Imagine passengers being able to text their train to communicate that they are running late, or being able to mix dynamic and fixed modes of transport. Sensitel wants to enable this shift to a passenger centric city that works for its people,” said Ray Sikka, Founder and CEO of Sensitel.

“We are excited to partner with Sensitel. With our ability to efficiently access and capture data, Smart Connect is ideally positioned to complement Sensitel’s unique technology and their SENS City Solution Suite. Together, we will facilitate the next generation of predictive maintenance solutions and improve uptime for city transportation infrastructure,” said Jeff Knapp, CEO, Smart Connect.

Sensitel will be presenting its solutions at the upcoming IoT World on May 17 & 18th in Santa Clara, CA. Operators of autonomous fleets should visit Startup City, Pod #73 to learn more about the solution.

About Sensitel

Active since 2013 and based in Santa Clara, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, Sensitel ( is a leading provider of cloud-based integrated Sensing, Monitoring, and Tracking services that enable intelligent decision making using internet of things and data analytics.

About Smart Connect Technologies, Inc.

Smart Connect ( facilitates breakthrough intelligence for industry. Partnering with tech industry leaders leverages our unique ability to ‘smart connect’ to industrial sensors and machines without proprietary protocols, pass data over wired or wireless networks into the cloud, and create analytics that enable intelligent decision making at the asset, process and business levels. Our smart transportation, smart city, smart utility, and smart manufacturing solutions cost effectively connect to a virtually unlimited number of sensors, devices and cameras. The SmartConnect Gateway™ optimizes machine performance and operations while enabling predictive maintenance, and enhances safety, security, and facilities management.