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Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyser: Customer Testimonial from medical industry.

Verifysoft Technology GmbH

Integrated Systems Development (Pvt) Ltd (ISD) is a medical device development company that design, patent and market laboratory equipment for Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

ART is used to help infertile couples to have a baby of their own by fertilization of oocytes with sperm from the partner outside the body, a procedure within ART known as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

The firmware in the product controls the temperature which is critical to IVF. Numerous safety checks on the integrity of the entire system are dependent on the correct firmware. Black box tests verify all the product requirements. But this does not guarantee that there are no defects. White box testing methods need to be employed for verification.

ISD chose Testwell CTC++ Code Coverage Analyser, a product of Verifysoft to support them in the verification. Being a typical bare metal embedded system without a file system, counters are needed to store information and later download from the target to source. One of the biggest challenges is the limited memory in the systems of ISD. Testwell CTC++ requires a very small footprint for its instrumentation and the Host target add-on makes integrations to any system very easy.

There are no restrictions with compilers, IDEs or debug tools.

It is possible to use Testwell CTC++ without changing the development process drastically. The reports are presented in HTML. They are simple and intuitive to read and understand. It makes it easier for the management to visualize the results and to understand what has been done. It is easier to browse through each module separately and browse annotated code which makes the whole process simpler. These reports will be submitted to regulatory authorities as a part of testing and verification data.

Testwell CTC++ gives statement coverage, branch coverage and most crucially MC/DC (Modified condition/ Decision coverage). While the first two are relatively straightforward important, it is MC/DC which picks out the evilest bugs in the code. Compound IF statements with multiple conditions are never intuitive and its one of the biggest source of bugs.

Testwell CTC++ makes it ever easier to weed out these bugs by pointing to the right test condition.

The compilers ISD was using, were not even listed on the website of Verifysoft. But it was possible to set up everything and obtain the coverage report within a day. There is no limination for RAM and ROM, as Testwell CTC++ is working with the smallest targets.

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Company description

Verifysoft Technology is located in Offenburg, Germany.

Since 2003 Verifysoft Technology is committed to provide test productivity solutions that help companies more efficiently maintain and enhance their software applications.

Our technologies are successfully used by more than 400 customers in over 30 countries all over the world. Most of the customers use our solutions on embedded targets and come from safety critical industries such as automotive, medical, railway, aerospace, defence etc.

Main focus of Verifysoft is dynamic and static analysis as well as code coverage on host and on all (even smallest) embedded targets. Our Code Coverage Tool Testwell CTC++ works with all compilers/cross-compilers and for all coverage levels.

Qualification kits for DO178-C, ISO 26262 and other standards are available.

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