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Atinav Releases New Bluetooth Profiles


Atinav, a leading provider of Internet-based and wireless solutions for workplace communication, messaging and collaboration, announced today the release of a new set of Bluetooth Profiles including A2DP, GAVDP, HID, BIP, BPP and HCRP, available immediately. Atinav's list of implemented profiles now includes: GAP, SDAP, SPP, LAP, DUN, GOEP, OPP, SYN, HSP, HFP, FTP, HID, A2DP, AVRCP, GAVDP, PAN, BIP, BPP and HCRP.

"With this latest implementation, we now offer device manufacturers the ability to design and produce a range of real-world mobility products in shorter times and at lower costs. HID support for products such as keyboards, mice, and specific-purpose industrial devices brings the power of Bluetooth wireless technology based mobility to greater parts of the global community. In the same way, A2DP support in a variety of Audio devices makes possible the deployment of Bluetooth technology based solutions that until recently could not exist," said Salman Ali, Manager of aveLink Strategy and Business Development.

The Bluetooth Human Interface Device Profile defines the protocol, procedures and features that would be used by Bluetooth Human Interface Devices such as keyboards, pointing devices, Barcode readers and others. Atinav's HID profile implementation can be used by device manufacturers to transition from a wired to wireless device experience. Products that would benefit from HID profile include: keyboards, pointing devices, gaming devices, remote monitoring devices and much more.

Bluetooth A2DP and GAVDP Profiles provide a seamless distribution of high quality audio content in stereo quality transmitted over Bluetooth wireless technology. A2DP profile assists devices such as MP3 players, Audio systems, In-car entertainment systems, televisions, mobile phones, multicasting for conferences, laptops/PCs/PDAs and gaming devices in delivering High Quality Bluetooth entertainment.

"Atinav's role in providing turnkey Bluetooth solutions for our customers is significantly enhanced with this latest achievement. Customers look for the greatest competitive edge in developing their products and rely on companies such as Atinav to be the best in the business. Atinav has committed itself to not just developing such technology products but in providing the critical, alongside services that enable quick and quality deployments," commented Ali.

aveLink BT Solution and SDK is a complete implementation of the Bluetooth Protocol Stack, Profiles and application programmers' interface in Embedded systems, Windows/CE and Java. Bluetooth is an emerging standard for point to multi-point short-range radio communication between devices. Atinav is dedicated to the development of Bluetooth solutions with a full range of products, including the recent release of these profiles, for wide variety of platforms.

About Atinav LLC

As the Internet extends beyond its wired origins to a variety of mobile devices and intelligent appliances, Atinav continues to offer solutions that enhance Web experiences through facilitating the sharing of information, interests, and ideas in "real-time." Atinav's aveComm®, aveConference® and aveLink® suites of products connect people, environments and devices to create collaborative, connected, and smart organizations. These enabling technologies are targeted toward enterprises, application developers, device manufacturers, system integrators and application service providers. Atinav was founded in 1999 & is headquartered in Somerset, NJ. For more information about aveLink, please visit: or call: +1 732-412-3000.

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