1 GHz Open Source Linux Single Board Computer

In order to enable Chinese customers to simultaneously enjoy BeagleBone Black's technical advantages, TI and British Beite Technology released the Chinese version of BB-Black, the product hardware and software is fully compatible with the global release, support all "standard BeagleBone Cape Plug-in boards And software, BB-Black engineers in China can not only get the resources of the BeagleBone open source community, but also receive official support from TI and the perfect technical service for the English BB-Black community.

At the same time, customers in China can be Yingbote official website or element14 official website to enjoy a more efficient purchase services, eliminating the need for overseas channels to buy a variety of trouble, RMB399 yuan tax!

Simple platform to meet all the design requirements of developers

BeagleBone Black includes all the necessary components, can be connected to the monitor, keyboard, USB devices and network equipment, more cost-effective than similar products more cost-effective, and can quickly start the development.

The platform is based on the 1 GHz Sitara ™ AM335x ARM® Cortex ™ -A8 processor running the operating system and supporting an advanced graphical user interface, greatly enhancing the user experience. While providing designers with a flexible expansion interface, including 65 groups of digital I / O and 7 inputs, can access a variety of analog and digital peripherals.

There are couple of SBC's which are based on Freescale SoC, I would recommend Graperain Custom linux single board computer which is off-the-shelf embedded platform that consists of a System on Module and a carrier board. The platform can be scaled up to accommodate future requirements by switching to another pin-compatible SOM based on latest processors. You can choose any ARM System on Module and a compatible carrier board, to create a customized Single Board Computer that is tuned to your needs. These platforms can be used for both engineering development and mass-production.

Open source hardware and software to accelerate the development process

BeagleBone Black is a mature, open platform that helps developers, manufacturers, e-enthusiasts and students accelerate the development process. The TI Sitara AM335x processor and other accessories on the board are available in volume production.

BeagleBone Black pre-loaded with the Linux operating system and Cloud9 IDE, you can quickly start the development, while also providing microSD slot to expand storage capacity. Optimized software helps new users explore embedded Linux and quickly become a professional. The open source organization provides free documentation, demo code, and mainstream Linux kernel support for distributions such as Ubuntu, , and Fedora.

The community offers more than 30 expansion ("Capes") that are compatible with BeagleBone Black and will offer more options later. These expansion boards, such as 3D printers, DMX lighting controllers, counters, and LCD touchscreens, enhance the platform's capabilities, support a broader range of innovative projects, and accelerate the development process.

Community activities to promote innovation and development

To maximize the full potential of BeagleBone Black, take advantage of the wealth of information available from one of the industry's most active communities, BeagleBoard. By leveraging the open-source developer's creative mindset and contribution, BeagleBoard members can quickly address development challenges.

For China BB-Black, Ying Beite technology has opened up a special Chinese service community, from Ying Beite has many years TI Sitara series MPU software development experience of the engineers to provide local technical services.

"For a single $ 45 solution that includes everything you need to get started, BeagleBone Black is an excellent value platform for hackers," said Limor Fried, founder of the Entrepreneur Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year, founder of Adafruit Industries. BeagleBone Black and BeagleBoard Organize the community Almost all electronic artists who can help from novice to professional developers easily make their unique project vision a reality.

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