32-bit PIC32MZ EF Microcontroller Portfolio Expanded to Include Extended Temperature Series

The 32-bit PIC32MZ EF microcontroller (MCU) family has been expanded to include an extended temperature portfolio and a high-speed variant (250 MHz) industrial temp portfolio. This is the first automotive-grade PIC32 MCU from Microchip.

The 32-bit PIC32MZ EF microcontroller (MCU) family has been expanded to include an extended temperature portfolio and a high-speed variant (250 MHz) temp portfolio. This is the first -grade PIC32 MCU from Microchip.

The PIC32MZ EF family features high core performance up to 250 MHz, an integrated Floating-Point Unit (FPU), a wide selection of peripherals and excellent connectivity options including Controller Area Network (CAN). The Extended temp portfolio is ideal for several critical automotive and industrial applications that require reliable performance and robustness at higher temperatures.

In addition, the industrial temperature portfolio (-40° to 85°C) has been selectively expanded to offer a higher-speed variant (250 MHz/795 CoreMark®). The high-speed variant is ideal for applications like high-resolution audio that require slightly higher core performance to provide faster audio and streaming.

“Since its launch, the PIC32MZ EF series has shown excellent ramp in customer adoption,” said Rod Drake, vice president of Microchip’s MCU32 division. “Releasing PIC32’s first extended temp portfolio and meeting AEC-Q100 Grade1 Qualification is a significant milestone in our product roadmap. The higher-speed variant will also provide the incremental performance boost required in process-intensive applications, and is an exciting advancement for this family.”

For more information about the PIC32MZ EF family now available in automotive grade at extended temperatures, visit: www.microchip.com/PIC32MZEF_Main1946

Development Support

The PIC32MZ EF family is supported by Microchip’s MPLAB® Harmony Integrated Software Framework, MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment (IDE), MPLAB XC32 Compiler for PIC32, MPLAB ICD 3 In-Circuit Debugger, and MPLAB REAL ICE™ In-Circuit Emulation System.

Several additional tools are available including:

• PIC32MZ Embedded Connectivity with Floating Point Unit (EF) Starter Kit (DM320007), Complete, turnkey kit for $119.00

• PIC32MZ EF Starter Kit with Crypto Engine (DM320007-C), Complete, turnkey kit for $119.00

• PIC32MZ2048EF PIM (MA320018), Explorer 16 Plug-In Module for $25.00

• PIC32MZ2048EF 144 PIM (MA320019), PIM for Bluetooth® Audio Development Kit for $25.00

• Curiosity PIC32MZ EF Development Board (DM320104) for $47.99

Pricing and Availability

Devices in the PIC32MZ EF family are offered in a variety of package options including TQFP, QFN, VTLA, and LQFP. Devices in the family are available today in volume production starting at $6.00.

For additional information, contact any Microchip sales representative or authorized worldwide distributor.

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