AAEON's EMB-Q170A/B and EMB-H110B Bring the 6th Gen Intel(r) Core(tm) CPU to Mini-ITX

Industrial Mini-ITX Goes 6th Gen

(Taipei, Taiwan) March 2, 2016 —August 2015 brought the launch of the 6th Gen Intel® Core™ CPUs. AAEON, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, sets to incorporate the merits of this new technology with the Mini-ITX form factor with the EMB-Q170A, EMB-Q170B, and EMB-H110B industrial motherboard.

Using the S-variant of the processors, all three boards benefit from the new chips’ native support for more advanced memory, namely the DDR4 memory, and 4k media content support, for upgraded graphical as well as general performance.

The EMB-Q170A/B boards carry the latest M.2 connectors for eliminating bottlenecks with accelerated read and write speeds. Graphically, in addition to a diverse array of display options, which include VGA and DisplayPort (DP) for Q170A, and LVDS, eDP, and DP for Q170B, both boards are capable of triple simultaneous displays, with 4k resolution enabled for each display. The EMB-Q170B additionally sports a low profile design measuring 1U in height

Users with lower graphical requirements may opt for the EMB-H110B, a more economical model to the models mentioned above. Rather than support for 4K resolutions, the board goes for the more common 2K resolution while still capable of dual-display from DP (shared with HDMI), eDP, and LVDS outputs. Similar to its higher tier counterpart, it also sports the low profile 1U design and M.2 connectors.

“AAEON’s EMB Industrial Motherboard Series is THE board to go to for ATMs, digital signage, and POS applications” said Clark Lee, Product Manager for AAEON’ Industrial PC Division, “The launch of the 6th Gen CPUs just enabled us to bring more powerful offerings to our valued customers”.